Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A friend of mine today broke the news that she is going to India for a sojourn. Her twinkling eyes and stammering words made her look all the more beautiful. I could gauge her happiness as i felt the same a few months back. The very thought of visiting one's native land always a brings a flood of happiness in our mind and heart especially if you are living on a foreign land.

I remember the time when a bunch of relatives came to bid me goodbye at the airport. For some it was matter of pride and for some it meant, they would not be able to see me for the upcoming one year or so. To mitigate the situation, i said i would soon return soon with loads of goodies for everyone and of course chocolates. Everyone broke into laughter. Chocolate is perhaps one such thing which melts everyone's heart irrespective of age.

Time flew and i waited with bated breath when i would visit my country. I was so excited to see my family waiting with the same patience and zest as i was waiting to meet them. The splendent faces and the warm hug were a part of their love and a silent way of saying how much they missed me. The same faces turned grim when it was once again time for me leave them. But this time i promised to get them something else along with chocolates...Grins......

I do not know about my next trip but seeing my friends happiness has surely boosted my confidence that i too will be flying soon. For the time being i will be assisting her with her shopping, which I bet any girl would love to do. Shopping !!!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its Raining and Pouring

Early in the morning when i woke up, i could hear the similar sound of rain as i went to bed last night. Needless to say it didn't make me happy...Making a grumpy face and cursing the weather, i attended my daily chores. I was still raining when i settled down in my sofa with the newspaper though the wind was stronger now. I could hear sound or rather a song. I pressed my ears hard against the wall. The tune sounded familiar.

"It's raining, it's pouring. The old man is snoring. He went to the bed and bumped his head And he couldn't get up in the morning ". My neighbor was perhaps playing to her little child. Ah these words reminded me of my childhood. Rains reminded me of so many things especially of the hailstorms.

I remember when we were young we used to collect hailstorms whenever there used to be. It was sheer excitement both for me and my brother to collect those and throw at each other or how many we could collect. Funnily, by the time we could run and and bring another the previous one would start melting thus constantly decreasing the count. Our mother never stopped us and today i realize how fun it was. Had she stopped us, today i would not have been able to share these experiences.

The phone started ringing and it brought my mind back to my room. Holding the phone, i walked near the window and was politely the declining the offer which the lady was offering about the reduced prices of internet services. I opened the window to feel a few drops of rain on my hand. The sparkling rain drops once again took me back to my childhood but now the thoughts were different. Getting wet in the rain wasn't fun alone, but it was accompanied with cold and cough. Phew!!!!!! The repercussions were obviously unpleasant.

As i am planning to have some hot tomato soup in the evening i remember a friend of mine who taught me to make this. She never carried an umbrella because she loved to get drenched. Together we laughed and walked in the rain even though i religiously carried my umbrella. I really wonder if she still enjoys but my love for rain has surely undergone a change.

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Happy Child

As I walked down the road in rain to get my groceries, i saw a child walking with her mom. On any other day, i usually pass a smile to every little child who cross my way, but today it was a bit different. I watched the play of emotions of the child's face and also realized that we were heading to the same shop. Folding my umbrella & looking for a suitable cart, i glanced at the child. She wasn't very comfortable with her set of clothes or perhaps the fact that she was seated on a stroller.

Passing a smile & waving my hand i paved my way to get my stuff. Her courteous mom smiled back too. The veggies & the fruits were wearing a doleful look. Perhaps my displeasure towards rain makes me dull & i look at the world through the same vision. I quickly filled my cart with my required stuff and of course, with some, which hardly makes their presence felt in the kitchen but somehow the impulsive shopper in me makes buy those stuff. I ran my fingers through the rack which had aromatic candles but somehow persuaded my mind not to look deeply at them else they would make their way through the cart to my home.

Turning my cart left and then straight, i walked to fetch milk. Ah, i saw the same child now a bit more restless yet passing those confused expressions. This time i thought to go near and say a quick hello and i finally said so. " Happy Child", I uttered and aptly came her mothers reply "Thank You". I tried a bit more conversation. As a good Samaritan, i helped her mom to help her get down from the stroller. "I think she doesn't enjoy sitting in the stroller, she seems to have grown up", I said. "I really wish she was", came her mothers reply. I wasn't prepared what she said. She continued, "My daughter is 14 months old but she looks 24, she is suffering from Gigantism". My heart sank and for a moment i was suffering from loss of words. All I could say to her was "O God, I am so sorry, I wasn't aware". "No problem", she said smilingly. I patted the childs head & in my heart I said a silent prayer "God, please take care of her".

As i was returning, all I could think was of the child. Well, i am thinking again!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Debut in blogging

I sounded a bit whimsical to myself when i first thought of starting blogging. Blogging they say is highly is to galvanize one thoughts about something and share with the world...But then a question struck my mind, what do i write about? Its been quite sometime when i truly wrote something apart from writing diaries. To placate my mind i thought to start with something in general which need not be didactic in nature.

On my last visit to India, a lot of people wanted to know about the life in overseas---how people live, their lifestyle & emphatically eating habits. I came across a lot of people at various social dos who sheepishly kept on asking, do u have the same food what we have here? At times this question used to unnerve me but gradually i learnt to take it in my stride. Yes, we do have our share of Indian stuff & thats what we have grown up having them. At times our dinner table becomes an amalgamation of the east & west & thats what both me & husband love. I feel i should have some 'food for thought'. We do miss the road side delicacies which we still relish (though separately).

Sitting by the window & sipping the cup of coffee which i rarely make for myself, i realise that curiosity is perhaps a part of sustenance for life. People think so much. They think about food, they think about culture, they think as to whether the fruits and vegetables are of same color or not. They think and think & quite strangely now I am thinking about them. Thinking about something or about some one brings so many things closer and till the time i think of something which is worth sharing let me finish my cup of coffee. I perhaps get some more to think about & post something in an adroit manner.