Sunday, March 28, 2010

Debut in blogging

I sounded a bit whimsical to myself when i first thought of starting blogging. Blogging they say is highly is to galvanize one thoughts about something and share with the world...But then a question struck my mind, what do i write about? Its been quite sometime when i truly wrote something apart from writing diaries. To placate my mind i thought to start with something in general which need not be didactic in nature.

On my last visit to India, a lot of people wanted to know about the life in overseas---how people live, their lifestyle & emphatically eating habits. I came across a lot of people at various social dos who sheepishly kept on asking, do u have the same food what we have here? At times this question used to unnerve me but gradually i learnt to take it in my stride. Yes, we do have our share of Indian stuff & thats what we have grown up having them. At times our dinner table becomes an amalgamation of the east & west & thats what both me & husband love. I feel i should have some 'food for thought'. We do miss the road side delicacies which we still relish (though separately).

Sitting by the window & sipping the cup of coffee which i rarely make for myself, i realise that curiosity is perhaps a part of sustenance for life. People think so much. They think about food, they think about culture, they think as to whether the fruits and vegetables are of same color or not. They think and think & quite strangely now I am thinking about them. Thinking about something or about some one brings so many things closer and till the time i think of something which is worth sharing let me finish my cup of coffee. I perhaps get some more to think about & post something in an adroit manner.

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  1. Whenever you think to do something, and you feel it's right, go for it. Eventually it (blogging) helps us to share our thoughts and learn something new.