Wednesday, March 31, 2010


A friend of mine today broke the news that she is going to India for a sojourn. Her twinkling eyes and stammering words made her look all the more beautiful. I could gauge her happiness as i felt the same a few months back. The very thought of visiting one's native land always a brings a flood of happiness in our mind and heart especially if you are living on a foreign land.

I remember the time when a bunch of relatives came to bid me goodbye at the airport. For some it was matter of pride and for some it meant, they would not be able to see me for the upcoming one year or so. To mitigate the situation, i said i would soon return soon with loads of goodies for everyone and of course chocolates. Everyone broke into laughter. Chocolate is perhaps one such thing which melts everyone's heart irrespective of age.

Time flew and i waited with bated breath when i would visit my country. I was so excited to see my family waiting with the same patience and zest as i was waiting to meet them. The splendent faces and the warm hug were a part of their love and a silent way of saying how much they missed me. The same faces turned grim when it was once again time for me leave them. But this time i promised to get them something else along with chocolates...Grins......

I do not know about my next trip but seeing my friends happiness has surely boosted my confidence that i too will be flying soon. For the time being i will be assisting her with her shopping, which I bet any girl would love to do. Shopping !!!!!!

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