Saturday, April 24, 2010


I had a small tiff with my mother this morning over the phone over a (perhaps) trivial issue. While she was politely trying to make me aware of a dietary fact i on the contrary had something else to say....I guess the difference of thoughts due to the generation gap was coming in between. Later on we arrived at an amicable decision where i agreed to follow her advice though with some amendments.

I have a cache of memories when both me and my mother differed on various subjects. While she advised mostly from own her experiences, i chose to differ!!!! Well, we all are blessed with different mindsets even though trying to be different at every subject can make us termed as 'rebellious'. I know i might sound a bit whimsical in describing these, but when my cousin described her six year old son who is gradually turning rebellious, i could feel what she was trying to explain. Her son who paints when he is told to sleep or eats when he is asked to paint has become a concern for his parents. The situation isn't very unusual but why not look through his eyes. May be he paints when his tender mind is filled with ideas and colors and he wants to put them in his canvas without deferring . The creative things which makes his mind restless cannot be expressed in words, perhaps his chooses this medium even though his timimg may be wrong.

As elders we fail to identify a child's moods and temperament on various occasions but we can certainly channelize their 'different' attitude in a positive manner. Throughout their growing years they can choose to be different but on emphatically scrupulous thoughts. Their thoughts should be moulded in such a manner so that their 'different' attitude towards life and its various aspects do not become a cause of concern for their family and society........

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