Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beauty and the Bride

Its a wonderful spring afternoon. Green leaves have embraced the branches of the tress and the chirping of the birds just adds to its beauty. My neighborhood park looks like a green carpet. Sipping my can of soda i am going through the pictures of the engagement of one of my sister-in-laws. Ahh, i missed the occasion. I had to pester her to get those photographs as these days she is busy shopping for trousseau. I spoke to her in order to make her realise that i am craving to see those wonderful captured moments.

In her perspicacious nature she explained her choc-a-block schedule. These days she frequently visits her neighborhood parlor, cooks atleast one square meal for the family, entertain guests at home who drop at regular intervals to congratulate them. Well, she is also busy designing her dress as she is a bit fastidious about colors, cuts and designs. No girl on this earth would like to compromise with her wedding dress and she is no exception. In between our conversation which was on a social site she sent me a pics of her proposed dresses. The amazingly rich colors, the embellishments almost made my jaws drop. She must have spent a fortune on these dresses, i thought. She went on explaining her recent purchases about her make up kit, accessories and frankly speaking i enjoyed every minute of our conversation. Guess these topics kindles any conversation!!!!!

We, women like to dress up for any occasion except for circumstances which do not call for. For ages women have tried to beautify themselves irrespective of their natural beauty. But true beauty is on our heart. If we feel beautiful we indeed are. No synthetic product can camouflage our unrest mind or heart.

As i winded up my conversation with my sister-in-law i could silently feel her choking heart. Wedding day nerves must have hit and i tried my best to comfort her. I wished her all the good wishes and prayed to the Lord so that the two innocent souls may always live an unending happy life.....

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