Monday, April 19, 2010

Chit Chat

Chatting at the social sites are the easiest ways to talk to people these days.. Within a fraction of second minutes we discuss almost everything that can be discussed (mostly) under the sun. But all conversations aren't hearty. The flip side of chatting is, i feel, we do not know or gauge the other person's mental state of mind. We start our conversation with the people we feel or in the manner how our mind reacts at that moment. Our chat list is full of people with half of the people we never chat or perhaps never bother to do so. There are a section of courteous people who ping whenever we are available but we never respond or later apologize due to our inability to respond at that very moment. We politely drop an email or perhaps in our next conversation we explain that we were occupied with some other work which took our notice off the screen. The fact is a different story altogether.

I admit my observations may be befitting or totally irrelevant. Of course we have every right to ignore a person but is it wise to ignore them socially? Yes, for those situations we can update our status as 'busy' albeit true or not. This is perhaps a silent insinuation of our avoidance to chat. There are poeple who provide access to their friend list simply because they find it harsh to decline, ignore or disapprove the friend request. If they allow they will restrict their movements in their profile. Why then include them and give them such an in different feeling? Their birthday wishes, their queries are never answered or perhaps happily forgotten due to lack of time or loss of memory. The most common justification we provide is our rare visit at those sites where we have included them.

Saying 'no' doesn't come easily to everyone, but being honest doesn't harm either. Instead of fooling people with kind words, or a big hug, its wise along with being prudent to politely decline. I dont know how much this will help but it will surely save our time we waste on those nincompoops!!!!!!

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