Monday, April 12, 2010


Happy Birthday!!!!!! i never failed to wish this friend of mine ever since our friendship hit off. After years, the tables seems to have turned. No, we haven't become foes but the spark of our impeccable friendship is no longer. A simple 'hello' or perhaps any formal word helps to maintain our minimalistic realtion. Gone are the days when we shared our day to day anecdotes and now these thoughts almost pin prick my mind. Time changes and along with time and situations people also change. My thoughts have surely been solidified.

Well the irreversible cannot be changed for sure. But what about the memories? How can these be deleted? I brain storm my mind in the obvious hope of finding an answer. But i wonder as well if deletion takes place wont the good memories get swiped away as well? I certainly don't want that. i want those lucid memories to stay in my mind forever so that happiness and time can blunt the edge of my perturb mind. I do not have any bad thoughts for my dear friend and i wish all the luck!!!!!!!!

As i do not want to brood over those thoughts, let me go out and enjoy the sunshine which is happily smiling. Chocolates perks up any mood so lemme try that as well...

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