Friday, April 9, 2010


I am currently going through a novel based on the life of a model and frankly speaking i am feeling sleepy...As i move towards my kitchen to get some tea or coffee to get rid of this untimely sleep, someone knocks my door. Ah, my neighbor. She has tried some new dish and has come to share with me. A few minutes of discussion about today's gloomy weather and about our respective plans about weekend, she leaves. I keep aside the glass bowl which she gave me and plan to have it at dinner.

Silence falls over once again...I return to my book with a handful of chips. My neighbors gesture really made me happy. The quality or the quantity of the food doesn't matter, to me what matters is how lovingly you give. Once in my teenage years, one of my uncles presented me a dress on my birthday which didn't go well with me and he wanted my honest confession. My mother gave me a stern look which was a silent insinuation that i should be generous with my words. Later on she gently explained me the fact that somebody's loving gift should always be appreciated irrespective of its size, price or quality. The sense of gratitude should always be higher than the individual's choice. Those words have remained with me till today.

In today's materialistic world, we need to pass these values so that nobody feels offended when their gift isn't met with same warmth, smile which was expected or no mother is put into shame by her children. Mothers have the greatest responsibility in framing the mind of her child and her teachings definitely builds up a rational family thus contributing to the society...

Am i getting preachy????? Hmm may be... Let me better finish my book...

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