Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

As another week comes to a close, people including me are overjoyed since its a long weekend. Long weekend, did i say that? Yeah.....Lots of planning how to spend the three days, which when comes disappears quite surreptitiously. It's a bright sunny day and i see a lot of people moving doing some quick shopping. Shopping, itself is an addictive word according to me. Most of them are perhaps buying eatables to munch while driving albeit there are some who are preparing for the Easter. Leaving aside the shopping part well, every festival on this earth spreads a silent message. To live in peace and to spread cheer and joy wherever you go.

I can go on length describing our various festivals and how they are celebrated but given the fact that we both have to hit the road early morning stops me from doing so. Packing is the worst part of any trip and in my opinion unpacking is all the more chaotic. I remember on our last trip i forgot to take my box of cosmetics. Needless to say about my pain and my skin which was almost getting dehydrated due to lack of moisturizers!!! Well, my husband was pretty amused with that since i didn't take long time to get ready.. Thankfully that was a two day trip else i would have gone berserk.

Memories, the only thing that stays with us forever and ever. So, go out my friends and make your this holiday or trip a memorable one because these memories at times become the sustenance of life...

Happy Easter and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

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