Monday, April 5, 2010

It a humid spring afternoon and i am lazily seated on my favorite chair where i spend several hours of the day reading, gazing through the window or simply sharing simple anecdotes.

Summer here is splendent. Bright, humid & of course the vivacious Cherry Blossom. I simply find them mesmerizing. On a recent visit to Washington via Baltimore where we stopped to visit at the National Aquarium i realised how much happiness these aquatic creatures can give by their sheer look. Even though they are almost a captive yet one cannot stop but wonder how delicate these creatures help us in several ways. Even a cursory glance at them made me fall in love with some of the fishes whose names i have happily forgotten. I was so enamored by their color & movements that the names written below each of them almost escaped my eyes.

All through the way i was pretty excited about the seeing Dolphins. Yes, i saw them on television especially on the wild life channel & always dreamt of watching them live someday. My heart fluttered with happiness when i saw them dancing and diving in front of me. They dived, splashed water, played with the ball that was provided to them. These creatures danced & for a moment made me realize how beautifully they have been tamed. They carried out all the instructions and perhaps provided me with some unforgettable moments.

While writing this blog, another thought that is creeping in my mind is that wish we could tame our mind!!! Wish we could tame to it be happy when ever our hurt instructed or vice a versa.Wish no irksome words or thoughts could ruin our thought process. Well perhaps and perhaps.....

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