Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silence and Solitude

Yet another gloomy day and the sun is playing peekaboo. But i am certainly not feeling melancholic. Instead, i see my neighbor who i guess must be in her seventies is busy in her small garden. An idea strikes my mind. I change for some better clothes and go downstairs to say a gentle hello.

Dressed in a light purple lilac frock and her glossy golden hair which in itself is radiating light she responds to my greetings with a bright smile. "Hello, young lady, how are doing?". I explain my interest in her blooming garden and also give her my identity. My keen interest in her flowers, especially the daffodils and my compliments paves my way to her garden and with pride she explains each of the plant she has planted over the years. Along with the plants, i could see lot of decor items which were spread all over the garden. The mention of the decor brings a twinkle in her eyes....

"I am a proud granny of two grandsons and they gave them ", she explains. As words flew i could see the pain of solitude in her eyes. She knew every single detail of her grandchildren, their taste and preferences. She was aware of their school, vacation and perhaps everything her memory could prompt at that moment yet the underlying pain of living apart was clearly visible in her eyes. Her only son who works in DC lives with his family there and in holidays comes down to meet them. She misses them and perhaps silently wished if she could see them more often. I realized that solitude is perhaps not always enjoyable.

"Oh, its 1 o'clock and we need to have some lunch", she said. "My grandsons are going to call us after they reach home from school", she said with a smile.
As i slowly stepped towards my home, i smiled in my heart and wished that she gets to meet her grandsons at the earliest!!!!!!!!

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