Thursday, April 8, 2010

Story Telling

"Baking a perfect cake is an art", not me, but my husband says...While carefully placing the cake into the oven and setting the timer, i take a short break to write whats on my mind.

We bake a cake on several occasions even when we have nothing to celebrate as i am baking today. Out of the window i can see the sun illuminating the fronts of the building across the street and feel pity for the old woman, who is carrying her groceries and hurriedly crossing the road. Well no strings of my heart are attached to her, but, she reminds me of my own grandmother who passed away a few years back.. Elder of the two siblings, it was me who enjoyed most of her attention.Even though she never sang lullabies yet her bed time stories were almost gratis to me.

Stories, now which are almost like a joke to me were certainly not so those days. I used to listen every word with undisturbed attention and at times used to go berserk if the characters resembled me or the story didn't end the way i wanted. But every story ended with a moral which now i feel is so important to shape a child's thought. Most of the stories taught to abhor all the negative things in life.

Those bygone days were perhaps the best days of life. Storytelling is also perhaps an art, which creates a nexus between the mind and the heart. Well nowadays, we read novels, magazines if nothing then newspaper, watch television and we try to imbibe those in children as well. But how many of us patiently sit with children to tell them a story about some Utopian land and at the end which teaches and not preaches?

Ohh, my cake is almost ready and it needs some decoration. While i go ahead with my work, i suggest u too can bake a cake and enjoy without any reason...Cheers!!!!!!!!

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