Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Bells

While flipping through the pages of the newspaper this morning, i got a cranky call from a friend of mine whom i met on my recent visit to India. Cranky call, yes that's right, i prefer to call it that way since she never rather hardly gives me a chance to talk. The one sided conversation always lasts for a few minutes since she doesn't want the network service provider to make money out of her number.

She was in high spirits when she said "hello". I could instantaneously make out that she happy or excited or whatever. Even though she is quite susceptible to all the emotions of life yet her voice made my thoughts stronger. Blessed with a sweet voice, she shared the news that she is getting married. "Getting married, wow"--I exclaimed! What better news then this early in the morning that someday is getting married.
As i mentioned about one sided conversation,she gave me a quick synopsis about her fiancee. I wish i could see her blushing, that would have surely added some more fun to this conversation. How i wish i could have given her a hug to express my happiness, my joy and my best wishes to this dear friend of mine whom i always want to be happy.

As we hung up the phone, my mind got flooded with memories of my dear friend, the days we spent discussing the big word 'marriage'. It certainly seemed ambiguous to us then and now when she is on the threshold of this uncharted territory i want to relive those moments!!!

Marriage epitomizes a lot of things. She will step into a new world full of responsibilities, liabilities, challenges. She will have to juggle between home and work and most painfully leave behind her parents and home. It's a moment she will experience soon and my heart cries for her.

Leaving so many memories and thoughts aside, i have decided to call her up this weekend so that i can pacify my mind about my curiosity of her new trousseau, her honeymoon plans and etc etc. Oh yes, i need to know about her new fetish as well, so that i can gift her something memorable. The last time i asked her it was her love for earrings, and i am sure it has changed. I seriously hope she will give me a chance to ask these questions.

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