Thursday, April 15, 2010


In between running and preparing breakfast for my husband in the morning, i got a surprise call. It was my 7 year old nephew who lovingly called me up to convey his regards to his dear aunt and uncle. I was so touched by his stammering loving words which almost brought tears in my eyes. He tried hard to repeat what his parents prompted him. All i wished if i could give him a big tight hug. He gradually lowered his voice and in a softly told me, "Come back soon, i miss you....". Ahhh, my heart almost skipped a beat.

After my husband left for his office, i slide down in my chair and empty the contents of my tumbler which had my favorite orangeade. The words of my nephew made an impact on my mind. His innocent words compelled me to make a blueprint of my next plan to my native place. While i was comfortably seated on my chair and let my mind wander, calls from my few relatives made me discontinue my plan.

I am happy and delighted that they called me up. In this frenzy world, its perhaps these few precious moments which helps us to stay connected, to share our thoughts and of course say a few loving words which in times of mental distress or strained relations provides sustenance to carry on. Words are the worlds best healers, it can kill or heal any situation, any relationship or rather do wonders if only used judiciously.

As a wise man had aptly said, "Little deeds of kindness, little words of love help to make the world like the Eden above." I wish we can inculcate these simple 'words' to simplify our respective lives........

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