Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pain of cooking...

We all eagerly wait for the weekends and even before we realize it flies out..phew!!!! Gosh, my poor back...its hurting from entire day's of cleaning and dusting. I am a cleanliness freak and at times the results are painful, trust me. My husband's abysmal sense of maintaining his wardrobe also adds some work to my cart. He also says i babble when i have a hard day's of work. So i decided to write. Earlier i loved to scribble but now the modern inventory items have given way.

A friend of mine recently wrote a superb blog about his cooking experiences.I thoroughly enjoyed when he narrated his heroic experiences in the kitchen. The vegetable cocktails, the salad dressings (some of the wackiest) the choice of meat with some unusual herbs and spices, i couldn't help stop laughing. He was very candid in declaring the fact that not all of these turned out to be savory but nevertheless he had to gulp them them down. Downside of a bachelor life i guess. A lot of friends who can safely say they know cooking provided him their contact numbers so that he can visit them over the weekends to have a proper meal. My friend's nightmare was when he had some chicken which wasn't thoroughly cooked and ended up suffering from stomach disorders.

Cooking is both a pleasure and a pain. While some people who have mastered the art love to dole out dishes for their loved ones while there are others like this poor friend of mine who keep on experimenting and landing in a soup. While there are others like us who cook but have a desire to cook to cook something memorable. Good luck to all the people with their recipes. Hope you win everyone's heart!!!

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