Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuning In......

Watching a musical show on television where the singers are singing all my favorites...How cool isn't it? Some songs which are really close to my heart while some are foot tapping. Songs which brings so many thoughts across the mind. Some which goes back to the college days when we would check with our friends whether they have the CD of the same or they liked the composition. Man, good old days. It was so damn fun!!!

I remember a particular song which one of the singers is currently singing used to be a hot favorite one of my closest friends. She used to keep on humming the lines much to the annoyance of others in the circle. We used beg her to sing some other song and even her boyfriend did not fight shy to gift her a copy of some other song so that so that she could outgrow the particular song. How funny!!! A batch mate who used to wear a forlorn look due to his untimely break up used to to sing some broken hearted songs. Boys hardly spared him from pulling his leg. Poor fella!!!

Songs, such a wonderful creation which reaches straight to the heart and comes from the heart as well is replete with all the emotions of life. I love songs of all genre and wish more audible songs comes up so that we can keep loving and falling in love with wonderful compositions!!!

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