Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unsaid words...

My current favorite song has been playing for then past few days and now my husband isn't really happy. I have been playing it at an unwanted volume and somehow he has developed a distaste for this song. But sorry, i can't help. To top it i have been humming the lyrics much to his displeasure...grins......

No two people think alike so how can we have a similar taste!!! Hopefully you will agree with me. The last weekend can perhaps provide a silent testimony to this fact. Differing is perhaps not harmful, on the contrary if we do not grow keeping aside our differences that might prove to be abysmal.

I am no preacher and neither do i want to be ostentatious with my thoughts. But i really want to divulge deep into my mind in order to get answers to lot of unsaid thoughts and queries. Can anyone read between the lines????

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