Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Click Click...

I am quite amused by the photography passion which is slowly gripping everyone. All of a sudden people seem to be bitten the love for taking perfect clicks. We like to capture every moment, every movement and every little detail which our eyes can grab of. When we were younger even we saw beautiful flowers, mountains but never felt the necessity to share with the world. Our memories were enough to narrate to our friends and families. They could perhaps instantly read in our eyes and gauge our happiness.Thanks to the digital world, now even if a shot isn't perfect we keep on clicking till we get our desired picture & delete the rest. We are more cautious before the camera, posing for the perfect click before we garner adulation's from our friends. Funny, Huh!!!!! Hundreds of people share their captured moments of their families, trips, children and what not. Of course i am not an exception in this regard. There are people who do not even mind posing at parking lot, near the restrooms and such other places which seems whimsical to me.

Of course not to forget about the kind friends and relatives who dole out all their expressive words in praising the sense of photographer, the perfect timing, the dress or costume worn or the backdrop (forget about the person). Not all of us have aesthetic of taking a perfect picture but we never fight shy with our word.

Even though it is quite appreciable that the development of modern technology has made helped us to share our treasured moments yet it also gives us an opportunity to sneak peak into each others lives. I ma not talking about those exceptions who do not provide rights to share their photographs. But nevertheless living far from home when one can see the photographs of their loved ones it definitely brings inexplicable joy to the heart. Let all of us learn to share so that we all can be equal participants in each others happiness.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

It has been a hot summer week and yes everyone's loving it. Not to mention the occasional showers which helped us to keep cool. This week has been a choc-a-bloc with many things. I had to walk some extra miles to get my things done. The pending stuff which both me & my husband have been ignoring over a few months have finally been taken care of. How happy i feel!!! My tender shoulders don't feel over burdened anymore and yes i need an invigorating foot massage to take care of my dehydrated feet. My husband always teases that we women just need an excuse to go for shopping or visit the local parlor. True, i agree and if by any chance any girl or women is going through these lines will perhaps smilingly agree with me.

Let me share an anecdote which took place while i was running between the errands to get my job done. On father's day when all the children tried to shower their affection towards their respective fathers through some flowers or cards to some expensive gifts there was one father son duo who taught me some valuable lesson in life.

The teenage son was physically challenged and was moving around the shopping center with his father seated on a wheel chair. His words were indistinct and somehow he persuaded his father to take him inside a shop which was selling good shirts at very affordable prices. His father took him but the teenager had some other plans. With babbling words he expressed that he wanted his father to try some shirts which his father smilingly refused but had to give in to his son's demand.

After an hour of trial they were unable to find the correct size. The son started to throw tantrums and yell. The embarrassed father tried hard to mellow his son but failed to do so. The irritated father started to walk fast pushing his chair, but his son stopped holding his hands. This time in a much soft voice & tears in his eyes he started to say something. The father went near his son & tried hard to interpret. Tears stated to flow through his cheeks when he found out what he said. It was Father's day & the son wanted to buy his father a shirt with his hard saved money. He said since he could not move freely so he asked for his assistance & the unavailability led him loose his temper. The father hugged his son tightly & in choked voice said this was the greatest gift he received- loving thoughts. People standing around couldn't stop their tears and applauded both of them.

In life we blindly take care of so many mundane things but we should never forget to share our truest emotions for the people we sincerely we love & care & this son has surely taught me this.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Football Mania

While half of the world is gripped with world cup fever, it seems like a festival where everyone is in a celebration mood. Dressed in their favorite jerseys everybody tries to squeeze in their time to devote to this game. The world seems to be unitedly participating in the game, watching every move, biting the flesh around their nails perhaps without even battering their eyelids.

Restaurants, pubs and even some offices have set up giant screens so that no action is missed by their ardent lovers. Wow, isn't that surprising? Wish we could stand up unanimously against thousands of social issues that is crushing peace, spreading hatred and what not. It is so strange how a game keeps us united irrespective of any geographical differences.

Well, game will end and one country will emerge as the winner and perhaps life somehow for the winning team will surely change but for people like us its back to normalcy. It acts as an escapade and forgetting all other strains of life we all love to enjoy. Let the surrounding sound grip us and may the best team win. Happy viewing friends!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Its all in words...

Some petty things in the morning just seem to make your day. These may be so trivial to us yet we experience some untold happiness and we possibly try to spread this happiness through our work. This morning i spoke with one of my aunts with whom i am yet to meet. I have seen her photographs and of her family yet never really had any chance to meet them.

When i spoke to her i could feel the warmth of her loving words, her enticing voice. It wasn't as if spoke to her at length but our short conversation has undoubtedly left an impression in my mind. The feel good factor certainly made its presence felt.

Our elders have always advised us to use words judiciously. Words which works wonder at very place needs some careful placement. But the flip side is if used unnecessary or in excess brings unwanted sorrow. In this mechanical world where we all are rushing a few loving words gives great consequences. An enthusiastic pat, a loving kiss, a warm hug, a benevolent smile indeed does make a difference. Mellowing down even the harshest words helps any fragile relationship turn into rock solid.

A famous band sang, "its only words and words are all i have to take your heart away". Try it...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have updated my status at a social site about as apology being the strongest adhesive which soothes, heals and mends any broken relation and i seriously mean it. Recently i came to know about a friend whose family had severed their ties with their uncle. This friend being my childhood pal used to share all her stories, grudges and possibly everything until marriage separated us. The geographical boundaries have been too much for us to share our daily life especially when the clocks do not show the same time. Huh!!! Yet, we make some genuine efforts to offer a virtual shoulder to each other in times of distress or madness.

On a recent chat she disclosed that her uncle whom her grandfather disowned and later her father severed their ties had once again been included in the family. All these years he was untraceable until he made his appearance. Her uncle whom my friend remembers to have seen a couple of times during our school days at some function seemed to have lost weight and perhaps a changed person. He came to her father and rest of the family members to apologize for whatever he had done over the last few years. Tears rolled down through everyone's cheeks when he apologised to everyone for his misconduct and wanted to be included in the family once again. After lot of emotional turmoil my friends father finally gave in and he was overjoyed. Later there was a family gathering and my friend flew down to be a part of the celebration. This was something she just could not afford to miss. For the very first time she spoke to her uncle as a family member rather than a guest.

Later when she narrated i could feel her choking voice and the underlying happiness as she could not stop praising her fathers decision. Forgiving is an art and not many people excel in that. We waste so much time brooding over other people's happiness. Lets not waste any time in forgiving our near ones whom we are yet to forget and fill our lives with some more happiness...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tongue Tantaliser

I am done with my favorite breakfast which is a parfait and of course its an occasional indulgence. The weather outside has also aggravated my craving. My kitchen is choc a bloc with groceries and how i wish someone could help me with unpacking the stuff and setting them.

My recent passion has been to be fit and husband almost jumped out of sofa when he came to know about this. He has been coaxing me for some quite sometime to pay some heed to my extra flab's but somehow i wasn't convinced. On a recent visit to a retail store i got hooked when i saw a pair of jeans. Well, nothing unusual you would say, right. But this unusual lovely color caught my fancy & i hit the trial room. To my dismay it seemed i have put on...Oh no, please. I had to keep it back from i got it. Perhaps it looked better there or would look better on a slender waist. I returned home feeling really low and my husband really seemed to enjoy the entire anecdote.

It's time i really shed off those extra ounces before i become a valetudinarian both in health and mind. I know my tongue and taste buds will both be tantalized and perhaps sacrifice all my favorites. I just hope the efficacy of my sacrifices will be rewarding.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Enchanting Beauty......

I welcome myself after a short hiatus to this blogging world....Packing, trip, journey, drives, mountains, beach, hiking, ferry ride & on & on...The mad schedule was enough to keep me on toes but nevertheless enjoyable.

We all love vacations, isn't it? But how how many of us really enthusiastically unpack the stuff. I really wonder. I enjoyed both mountains and the beach. Both being ambiguous have so much to share that one would love to get lost in their arms. The majestic oceans spread far and wide with the waves furling and unfurling is enticing.
Same was the case with mountains. The enchanting beauty seemed to welcome everyone with its wide arm open. The uneasiness of the body due to the journey evaporated once i went near the mountains.... Felt God was somewhere very near, very close and both God and sun playing peekaboo. The caress of the wind , the sun kissing the cheeks, the unadulterated air all just added to its glory. The vibrant wild flowers who seemed like smiling gleefully also added to the scenic beauty and have made lasting impression in my mind.

I would love to revisit the place, but the very thought of packing unnerves me. I want to throw caution to the wind, let loose my hair, get lost and let my thoughts and imagination travel without any periphery, without any jurisdiction and perhaps most importantly without getting hurt. Let mother nature be my sole guide to the enchanting journey where i can rediscover myself long before i get lost amidst this crowd.