Monday, June 7, 2010

Enchanting Beauty......

I welcome myself after a short hiatus to this blogging world....Packing, trip, journey, drives, mountains, beach, hiking, ferry ride & on & on...The mad schedule was enough to keep me on toes but nevertheless enjoyable.

We all love vacations, isn't it? But how how many of us really enthusiastically unpack the stuff. I really wonder. I enjoyed both mountains and the beach. Both being ambiguous have so much to share that one would love to get lost in their arms. The majestic oceans spread far and wide with the waves furling and unfurling is enticing.
Same was the case with mountains. The enchanting beauty seemed to welcome everyone with its wide arm open. The uneasiness of the body due to the journey evaporated once i went near the mountains.... Felt God was somewhere very near, very close and both God and sun playing peekaboo. The caress of the wind , the sun kissing the cheeks, the unadulterated air all just added to its glory. The vibrant wild flowers who seemed like smiling gleefully also added to the scenic beauty and have made lasting impression in my mind.

I would love to revisit the place, but the very thought of packing unnerves me. I want to throw caution to the wind, let loose my hair, get lost and let my thoughts and imagination travel without any periphery, without any jurisdiction and perhaps most importantly without getting hurt. Let mother nature be my sole guide to the enchanting journey where i can rediscover myself long before i get lost amidst this crowd.

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