Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Football Mania

While half of the world is gripped with world cup fever, it seems like a festival where everyone is in a celebration mood. Dressed in their favorite jerseys everybody tries to squeeze in their time to devote to this game. The world seems to be unitedly participating in the game, watching every move, biting the flesh around their nails perhaps without even battering their eyelids.

Restaurants, pubs and even some offices have set up giant screens so that no action is missed by their ardent lovers. Wow, isn't that surprising? Wish we could stand up unanimously against thousands of social issues that is crushing peace, spreading hatred and what not. It is so strange how a game keeps us united irrespective of any geographical differences.

Well, game will end and one country will emerge as the winner and perhaps life somehow for the winning team will surely change but for people like us its back to normalcy. It acts as an escapade and forgetting all other strains of life we all love to enjoy. Let the surrounding sound grip us and may the best team win. Happy viewing friends!!!!!

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