Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tongue Tantaliser

I am done with my favorite breakfast which is a parfait and of course its an occasional indulgence. The weather outside has also aggravated my craving. My kitchen is choc a bloc with groceries and how i wish someone could help me with unpacking the stuff and setting them.

My recent passion has been to be fit and husband almost jumped out of sofa when he came to know about this. He has been coaxing me for some quite sometime to pay some heed to my extra flab's but somehow i wasn't convinced. On a recent visit to a retail store i got hooked when i saw a pair of jeans. Well, nothing unusual you would say, right. But this unusual lovely color caught my fancy & i hit the trial room. To my dismay it seemed i have put on...Oh no, please. I had to keep it back from i got it. Perhaps it looked better there or would look better on a slender waist. I returned home feeling really low and my husband really seemed to enjoy the entire anecdote.

It's time i really shed off those extra ounces before i become a valetudinarian both in health and mind. I know my tongue and taste buds will both be tantalized and perhaps sacrifice all my favorites. I just hope the efficacy of my sacrifices will be rewarding.

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