Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Its been a while that i have really thought of writing something really concrete other than any plain vanilla topic. Vanilla, hmm it really used to be favorite amongst a lot of our friends. The concept of hot fudge wasn't really in so we always used to play safe either vanilla or strawberry. Once i was quite amused when in an ice cream parlor i saw in the menu card it was written 'ice cream brick'. My eyes began to roll wondering what possibly it could be and without even consulting anyone i ordered for it. My cousins were amused with my choice & waited with bated breath for my order to arrive.

Well, yes my order did arrive and as the waiter proceeded with my order everybody passed a sheepish smile and it caught the attention just like when our sizzlers arrive in a restaurant. Now brick was something i really i hadn't expected. It has a huge bar or a slab whatever you call it was enough to feed an army considering my age. I surreptitiously tried to hide my foolishness and my cousins tried all the possible ways to make me feel all the more miserable.

To mitigate the situation i asked all my cousins to bail me out of the situation who funnily suggested to get the remaining packed for home. Poor soul, i didn't even realise that by the time i reached home it would melt and it would be no better than a flavored milk shake. But their eccentric jokes on me & my ice cream didn't end and till to date it becomes a hot topic of discussion when ever we meet.

Days gone by, well some memories are so sweet that even we do not want part away with. But i confess i have certainly become more prudent while i order for my ice creams fearing the fact that history always repeats itself....

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