Thursday, July 8, 2010


How often i feel i have so many questions suppressed in my heart? Perhaps a lot. Some whose answers i know but i do not want to acknowledge, some i fear to face & some i want to ask but do not the right people whom to ask. Am i being judgmental? Questions questions and so many.

Walking through this journey of life there have been numerous occasions when life asked me questions to which i perhaps answered efficiently & got awarded & some which i couldn't and still lagging behind in that arena. Its ironical that when we want something desperately it goes beyond our reach. You might be feeling i am talking about something virtual but not the case. When as a student our parents coaxed and cajoled us for doing something out of syllabus we never paid heed, now that i can manage some decent time for my own i do not get the opportunity to go ahead with my desires. Funny, i know. People do not the realize the difference between interest and necessity and poor fellows like us are the suffering end.

Every cloud has a silver lining and without sounding despondent i want to welcome every single moment of my life with equal fervor so that in the next decade my mind isn't flooded with so many questions.

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