Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We all have probably heard about 'Janmasthami' which is widely celebrated in India. 'Janmastami' which is also commonly know as 'Krishnasthami', 'Gokulasthami', 'Sri Krishna Jayanti' and many such names. Its is said in Hindu scriptures that Lord Krishna has one hundred and eight names hence he is known by various names and so is his festival.

Janmasthami marks the birth of Lord Krishna who is said to be another form of Lord Vishnu, at midnight. According to Hindu mythology Lord Krishna was born to Princess Devaki and her husband Vasudeva but grew up at his foster parents Yasoda and Nanda's house. The birth of Lord Krishna marks the end of evil who exclusively took birth to end the evil reign of his maternal uncle and to free the people from his evil deeds. Hence till to date people observe 'Janmasthami' with great pompous.

In India this festival is almost celebrated at all the parts of the country. The people in Mumbai observe the 'Dahi Handi' with great fervor. The people of Mathura and Vrindavan too celebrate with pomp and splendor.

People observe fast on this day and offer their prayers to the lord. Various vegetarian delicacies are prepared and offered to the Almighty. The basic message of all the festivals is to spread love among mankind. Let us all be patient and compassionate towards to each other and let love and forgiveness rule our heats.

Happy Janmasthami to all...........

Monday, August 23, 2010


While surfing the internet (which today for us is as normal as eating & sleeping) i came across an article which discussed in length about how mature women tend to behave. Well, it surely left me baffled as to how we change with time, environment and circumstances. I know you will say its obvious. Considering my age may be i found it a bit harsh to accept the comparison that some mature women are like books who need not be read but are like thought which can only be thought about.

The comparison between a man and a woman has been going on from the time immemorial. Now that when both the genders have started going to the moon we have become conscious of the fact that we equally need to respect each other. Respect comes naturally with age and deeds and in this regard maturity grows. Now how do we define a matured women? My answer cannot be a representative of the entire female clan but surely a certain percentage will surely agree with my views.

Maturity comes with handling situations, complications and the various predicaments of life. Problems are brain teasers which leaves us flummoxed and emotionally drained at times. But a mature handling helps us to ease our problems and gain a new perspective which seems invisible while in the midst of problems. At times problems are like quagmire where we easily slip into but a mature thinking can steer us away from drowning. To me maturity is handling your in laws tacitly, lovingly convincing your child to eat what he/she hates the most, assuring your self that you can lose your weight when you know its a Herculean task or keep on smiling even when you are in deep pain. Situations always helps us to grow. A teenager can be far matured than a lady in her late twenties. So depending upon circumstances and person to person can m,aturity be understood not by notion or judgment.

May be my perspective fails to refute you, but then at the end of the day these are my words, my thoughts which i just wanted to share with you. Your thoughts are welcome as well.... Cheers!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hello there, off late lots of things in life have been keeping me hooked to the extent that i do not find time to visit my neighbors. Strange, ehhh!!! I know and if by chance you are a warm friendly candid person reading these lines i bet you wont have many good things to say about me. (Chuckles!!!) Such is the tenacity of the web world which almost keeps me glued to the extent that at times i miss my favorite serials which i myself find unbelievable...

Of course, my mother never fails to warn me about the damage that its gonna cause to my already poor eyesight but only to be followed by tumultuous discussion. The web world is such a huge platform where perhaps we all try to rediscover ourselves be it through the social sites where we discover our long lost friends, or floating our resume, portfolios, playing numerous games, blaring our opinion on any issue and what not. Irrespective of all the above mentioned good things, at times we fall prey to this world as well. We are cheated, fooled by fraudulent means and then perhaps we start cursing as to why this invention was made.

I know a lot of people will have their stories to share about how they were tricked to provide their personal details only to regret later. The irritating pop ups at each one of our screens at times deviates our minds from our works thus stepping towards the uncharted territory. Now you will tell me that there are ways to block those pop ups, but please spare a thought for those old aged people who use computers and internet to pay their bills which they find hard to pay standing in the queue or for playing some games. I recently came across an old man who otherwise looked sensible enough to handle internet and computers but made some unintentional error of entering his credit card number at some unreliable site only to receive a long receipt at his home after a few days for the purchase which he wasn't aware. Fortunately for him there were mentors who took some appropriate actions to stop further purchases.

We all have heard these stories from friend's friend or some one further than that, besides, reading about them in the newspaper & of course in the internet, yet at times we tend to get inadvertent.

As George Berkeley said, "It is natural for careless writers to run into faults they never think of". So my friend, look before you leap....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Living...

Good places, good food, good music what else one need to spend a weekend? I wouldn't dare say that about life. With the advancement of possibly everything our tastes in every sphere has changed. Weekdays are for neck breaking work whereas weekends are meant for chilling out. Now chilling out differs at different levels.

We have barbecues, pool parties, theme parties but just spare a thought for those unfortunate ones who cannot even manage two square meals a day.In the weekend we go to watch a movie and blare our verdict the next day or the same day at social sites but there are people who cannot even sit under the humble fan to beat the heat owing to shortage of electricity, yet who cares. We teach our children 'sharing is caring' but every time the other child tries to play with our child's ball or toy in the park we give a tight smile. Each one of us are madly running after good life, money, power but do we really care about wisdom? I certainly cannot render an opinion that would be the representative of the common population.

You may be wondering what exactly on earth am i referring to? Well, recently an advertisement to remove malnutrition and fight hunger triggered my interest to think about it. Even i am also aware of the fact that simply writing 1500 words isn't going help either but sharing my thoughts can surely help spread the message. The photographs of the malnourished children prompted to think twice each time i wanted to throw any food items. My childhood was spent listening to my parents who always advised not to waste any thing but i always let the wind carry those words along. Now when i have one or two gray strands i do realize what they exactly meant!!!!

Leading a good life is every person's dream but we can always in some way contribute for those unfortunate ones who aren't blessed with the things which we take for granted. Let no child ever go hungry to bed, let no child ever cry for some milk, let every child understand the importance and appreciate what he or she gets. Comparison leads to nowhere and contentment is like sustenance.

Well without getting didactic let me watch or read some more heart melting issues so that i too can learn some invaluable lessons from life. Till then enjoy your weekend!!!!