Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pangs of Separation

A friend of mine's world recently came crashing when her husband declared that he wanted a divorce form her. This came after a few cases of altercation between them even though she emphatically says that nothing major has happened between them. The couple is blessed with a two and half year old son and this unwanted decision came in the wake of their child's upcoming birthday. Initially my friend persuaded to amicably sort out their differences and even wondered if infidelity could be the cause but her thoughts were proven wrong. This wasn't a case of infidelity.

While many women in the world everyday live with the constant fear of infidelity, and in many cases they are they are true yet a larger community of women can hardly suspect their husbands. We all want 'our' lives and in the clash of a couple its the poor child who bears the brunt. As a corollary to this harsh truth the child often grows up neglecting or disparaging the institution of marriage. The tender mind of a child needs to be shaped with love and respect so that he too can give the same.In my friend's case the child may be too small to annotate his chaotic surrounding yet he deserves the love of both his mother and father.

There are perhaps many children who grow up in a tormented home, dividing their time between their parents. As a reparation to the lost time both the parent and the child want to enjoy every minute of their allotted time. Isn't it a bit unfair on the child's part who deserves all the time and love of his both the parents? Ahh, now you will tell me about your difference of opinion, tales of misunderstanding, career choices, different lifestyle, suspected stories or infidelity. Even though it becomes increasingly difficult to live with your partner who has cheated on you, yet the preferences of a child cannot be put on back burner. A couple makes a home and child completes a family, so how can the interest of a child be neglected when the home comes in a dilapidated state.

My friend's plight has certainly moved and forced me to think about her predicament and my mind is boggling with lots of questions. My heart goes out for her toddler and wish i could provide my shoulder to my friend...My request to all the couples who are considering this austere decision in their lives to contemplate about their children's interest. Join me in my prayer to God to grant my friend and many such couple who are facing this situation, the patience to walk through this crisis of her life....Amen!!!!!!

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