Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wintry Winters..........

As a bright sunny day comes to an end and the weather department predicting rains tomorrow and for the upcoming days, i am kinda getting mixed feelings. Winters are all over. A brief stroll to the nearby mall has given me a perfect image that people have indeed pulled out all their wollens and are happily flaunting. The chill in the evening air has added more spirit to wearing those vibrant colors.

Winter season has always fascinated me. I remember my childhood days when my mother used to lovingly make those dishes which she found it difficult to make on summer days. The colorful veggies, the rolls, the deep fried stuff which i still savor and pine for. This particular season always holds a soft corner in my heart which is inexplicable. Sitting on a chair on a bright sunny winter day and peeling and sharing oranges with family is one such memory which is very close to my heart. The family get togethers comprising of family and close relatives, the occasional picnics, the elders of the family playing cards or debating over any current topic, and the kids creating hullabaloo running across are a part of those treasured memories. These are not the sole reasons for my eternal love for this season. There is always a strange magnetism between me and this season.

Lot of people do not appreciate winters. The trees wear a barren look. Your skin feels all the more stretched out and applying layers of moisturizing creams doesn't seem to help either.They coax this weather for curtailing their trips, heightening their allergies, inability to move freely minus any woolens and....and...and...You know it better than me. A kid recently said she hates winters because she has to wake early, wear those blazers and go to school. Well, i second her that in this regard. But all of us have been through these and we all want them to go through the same because until you go through austere circumstances you cannot be strong. If that little kid goes through these lines the next time she would think twice before saying that sweet 'hello' to me.

Well, much to your pleasure or displeasure this season of this year is here and we have to live our lives through this. Even if you have to go back to your old boring office/school/college or are excited about joining a new venture do not forget to wrap yourself properly before the winters hit you hard...Enjoy!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome Home Maa

Hurray...As Goddess Durga embarks on her short sojourn for her paternal home, her devotees all over the world are busy preparing for her short stay. Durga/Sati/Jaya/Bhavaani/Bhavya call her by any name but she is popularly known as 'Maa' to everyone. She is the ultimate power, the destroyer of sin and abettor of morality. In Sanskrit the name 'Durga' means 'the invincible' and she exemplifies power, strength, morality and protection. Hence Durga stands as a symbol of all the divine forces and she protects her children form all the negative aspects of life.

As a mother's love for her child is lucid, serene similarly Maa Durga loves all her children and protects them from adversities. As per mythology Goddess Durga is the epitome of energy, force, power and she was created to demolish a demon 'Mahishasura'. Upon conquering the demon she is also known as 'Mahishasurmardini'. Goddess Durga has hundred and eight names and her children can call her by any name, but perhaps 'Maa' is the easiest word for any child to address their mother.

It is also believed that the Goddess comes to her paternal home for three days along with her four children. Her home coming is celebration for her children who wait all throughout the year for her arrival. Celebration begin pretty much in advance. People buy new clothes, exchange gifts worship her for three days and forgetting all sorrows of life, immerse themselves in the three day long celebration. It's that time of the year when people try to forgive each other and worship the power. The fourth day is painful for her children as she leaves for her home which is believed to be 'Kailash'. With tears in eyes her children appeal and pray to her to take away all the evils along with her and leave peace behind. Another year of anticipation begins for her children before they can welcome her again on this earth.

Be a part of this stupendous celebration. Feel the divine power. For those people who are away form their homes, always remeber that you are away from your home and not from 'Maa". She is omnipresent.May Maa Durga bestow you and your family with peace, love and happiness always...Amen!!!!!