Monday, May 2, 2011


With sunset as silence creeps upon me, i am flooded with thoughts, memories, dreams and engrossed in my world. But what am i thinking? Dreaming? Well, we all do that consciously or subconsciously. Nah!!! I know some people will deny. "We do not have time breathe properly, how can we dream", "this is beyond our thoughts, we cannot even dream", "these things aren't meant for us, we don't even dare to dream", "i didn't even dream of coming, but don't know how i made it". Haven't you heard of these lines before? I am sure you all must have, if not, then i have.

Dreams are the narrow lanes that slowly makes ways for us to achieve our targets. When dreams meet hard work, success is sure to follow. Each one of us have different definition or interpretation of success. A friend of mine had once jokingly said, "Success for me will be the day when i will master one particular traditional dish and the icing on the cake will be when my mother-in-law will give me a hug." The line often brings a smile on my face.

Currently, in the midst of rush rush schedule i somewhat feel even my outlook towards success has changed. Different jobs at different times makes my adrenaline pushing yearning for various levels of success. It gives me immense pleasure when i can successfully pen down my thoughts, or see my plant bloom or any accomplished job. Well, we all differ that's the reason we who we are or what we are. Happy Weekend folks!!!