Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Food for thought...

While sipping my favorite lemon drink,I realized that I didn't jot down any of my thoughts in the last one month. While it has been a hush hush month yet i guess I have been a good manager. I know you will say I am blowing my own trumpet, but situations in life helps us realize our capabilities. In any case I am not talking of any serious issues. In the morning when I flip through my newspaper, I feel there are thousands of issues for the government and the common people to deal & overcome them. We just sip our cup of coffee and turn the pages. Strange, yet true!

Yesterday,one picture of a malnourished child moved me and ran thousands of questions through my blood. How can we ameliorate their pain? How does that mother feel when she cannot feed her child who cries in hunger? Only a mother can describe how these feelings tears her apart. Living in such a far flung area the picture of that child just sends across one message. Please do not waste food. There are lot of people who are deprived of basic two square meals a day. We bribe our children with chocolates to drink a glass of milk or have a serving of vegetables which they find ridiculous, yet the unfortunate ones plead for some food. Every child demands love, care and it is perhaps their birth right but they perhaps pine for.

I don't want to end on a note of despondency,yet I can hope and pray that no children across the world ever goes hungry to bed while the helpless mother just prays for some sleep on the eyes of her hungry child. We can help a bit in this regard by teaching our children the importance and the respect they need to show towards their food. Let every child be blessed and have a happy childhood.