Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adieu 2012

A nice quiet windy evening. But i dare not use the word 'relax' because most of the times it takes a huge toll. Evening time renders me a lot of ideas and night provides a soft cushion to them. The strong wind is about to blow away my candle placed near the window. Till then the wind is dispersing the aroma of the my scented candle all across the room. The fragrance of the flowers are also adding their touch.

While browsing through my albums I realise how quickly time flies by.The year is about to end. I am still struggling to figure out where and how did the days vanish. Or was it i became too lazy to walk with the changing times. This year it was more of traveling and visiting relatives. Well traveling sounds pretty exciting but the ordeal of packing and unpacking always leaves me unnerved. Wish i could fly like those migratory birds with the changing season. What a fanciful relation it must be of a bird and the wind. The wind flowing across their soft wings allowing them to slide through the air and view the earth as one big family.

As another year bites the dust, we all are trying to planning to welcome the new year which will usher in a couple of days. For some it must surely must have been great year with weddings, promotions, babies, foreign trips and anything their eyes dreamt of. As my eyes roll over the wall and then moves towards my Christmas tree i think of those parents who lost their children, of mothers whose daughters have been horrendously raped, of fathers who lost their loving daughters in accidents. Is there any light in their hearts or their homes? How do they feel when the sudden emptiness of their homes is their new companion?

In today's world of anarchy, brutal murders, mass killing, female foeticide where do we stand while teaching our children? Rather i should say what is our stand? We all love our families but forget our neighbour's families. Sad yet true! My hands tremble, my voice chokes when i think of parents who 'have to' attend their children's funeral. All my prayers are with them.

Let the coming year bring lot of positivity and enlightenment in each one of us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 to all!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee Break

My strong aromatic coffee is tingling my senses. Going by the word 'aroma' we relate some many things which at times surprises us. The soft bread which i can at times smell from my neighbors kitchen reminds me of the hurried school time when my mother used to make them before she rushed us for school. The smell instantly transforms me to my school going years which are the golden years of our lives. Carefree lives, fun with friends and cousins except for the dreaded word 'examination'. Oh how i wish the word would have never existed, life would have been like a free fall. Fun, exciting, adventurous. No nail biting stressful times. Peace would have been another family member. Lol!

My love for coffee isn't very old so haven't developed many memories but with times to come, i am sure i will have a story to share as well. It will be partially incorrect if i say that i don't a story about coffee. I remember my first visit to the coffee giant Starbucks. Standing in the queue i was trying hard to go through the board and decide what i would like to order but even before i could make up my mind it was my turn to order. I was almost stammering with my choices and asked the guys help. The confident guy confused me to a certain extent and i was still left with too many choices. Poor people who were already standing for their turn were almost fuming. After lot of choices and disagreements i finally ordered. Please do not ask me what i ordered. The after shock was terrible. The tall coffee was too hard to gulp down. I was almost in tears with my poor choice. The accompaniments of cookies and shortbread somehow saved me to take a few sips. I am sure the guy who took my order was surprised by my unusual order. His smile was enough to get the signal. After an abhorrent cup of coffee i almost swore never to have another coffee until a friend of mine helped me. She is blessed with a fine taste of coffee and wine and her tips have helped me and indeed i have come a long way since then.

As i said we all have some story or a memory attached with something in our day to day lives. A smell, a sudden gush of air is enough to take us down the memory lane. In our mad busy lives we dont have the time to sit and look back. By the way i am done with my coffee for the day. Anyone still sipping? If so enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


There is absolute no denying the fact that women on any calendar day love to go for shopping unless something invincibly stops them. Over the few years when i have started to sense or appreciate fashion i have been loyal to few brands which i simply swear by. Now the term 'brand' doesn't mean high end fashion wear. We all have our favorites, perhaps there are some people who listen to our desires and knows that their clothes certainly gives us a psychological amelioration. There is absolutely no wrong to to constantly experiment with our looks until and unless we look incongruous.

Today was one such day when i decided to ditch my favorites for the day and try something deviating. Upon a suggestion by some friend i along with my family went to visit the mall. The inviting ambiance, the chromatic decor almost gravitated me towards those stores. I was happy to ruffle my fingers across the hangers which were holding plethora of clothes. I almost fell in love with  all the pieces that were there in the store. Phew, the major blow came to me when my eyes caught the prices. No, they were not expensive but overtly expensive for me. A lady standing next to me offered help with the choice of clothes which i thought i politely refused. Another middle aged lady who seemed to be in a hurry picked up a few ensembles whose prices she didn't even bother to check and rushed through the counter. My dream shop broke my dream.

I found some solace sipping my favorite shake and occupying a commodious sofa right in front of the store. Sipping it my heart asked my mind perhaps a thousand questions. Did my failure to buy make me sad or angry or irritated or jealous of the people who were happily buying them? Well, my mind is mature enough to handle my plummeting heart. Why does the desire of getting more increases with every single day? My mind reminded me of a small word which i had forgotten when i was going through those upheaval of emotions: contentment. Where did i lose it?

Contentment is the greatest asset. When our proclivity to get increases we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. My shopping experience was an insinuation of the fact that contentment was going out from my mind. Being content with what we have gives us the greatest strength in times of distress. Nobody has everything in life but we all have our present, so why ruin it envying somebody else s wardrobe (kidding)? I may not have the best dresses but satisfaction is my dress and my smile is my makeup. No matter how gullible i may sound this incident has taught me to be loyal to my loyal s who keep me beautiful and smiling (chuckles).

Life is too short to ruminate over such petty things but nevertheless lessons learnt should never be forgotten. It certainly isn't a sign of good student! Hey, my shake is over. Time for some refill....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stay Happy

Rainy day, even though its not cold, thankfully. My sweet friend and neighbor Kanika dropped by to share some good home made 'Pakoras' to dampen the spirit of rain. The bonding that Pakoras share with tea is unique and savored by all. As another evening settles down for yet another night letting my imaginations to wander, i am almost caught unaware until my baby wakes up and makes his presence felt.

The days, the month, the hours, the moments that have passed and are passing are all silently reminding me to do something worthy in my life. But what? Job, giving good upbringing to my child, leading a healthy family life, taking care of my families, setting my priorities skilfully in my life, being the better half in the real sense, connecting well with people, maintaing cordial relationships with friends and neighbors....what???? Perhaps i don't know! If in some way i can help somebody, someway i can bring smile on somebody's face, somehow i can be trustworthy of someone will it add some meaning to my life? Yes, but i do not want to sound boisterous. I want to play safe both with my feelings and words.

Just by turning pages of books, newspaper, visiting the websites can help us realize that sipping tea and having pakoras is not everybody's cup of tea! Well, i may not have any solution to any of the problems that people are facing while i croon with my own set of problems, yet realization and compassion are such vibes which i can send across to the people. Get up, face it, beat it! That's the mantra.

While my baby needs some attention now, i think i need to stop thing now and think what he is thinking so that i can provide the best to him. Stay happy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ah, finally back after a hiatus. This break taught me the most important chapter of my life-parenting. A child is perhaps one of the purest form of a human being. They are loaded with galore of innocence, purity which makes us fall short of words.. Their smile makes us go weak in our knees while their tears melts our hearts. What a beauty!

Life has been a stern taskmaster while i have been obedient student. There have been occasions when i been quite rebellious. While all these years have been spent learning the basic fundamentals of leading a good life, now its been more of self realizations. I can assure i am not turning philosophical, but the basic anecdotes of life is helping me to unfurl and associate my thoughts. Enough to wreckage my brain!

A sneak peep out of my window doesnt make happy since its raining outside. I can almost smell the cookies and the cakes that are being baked at the bakery. Meanwhile i can smell some coffee. Yes, it is ready.Would you care to join me? Trust me i wont turn you philosophical!!!