Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coffee Break

My strong aromatic coffee is tingling my senses. Going by the word 'aroma' we relate some many things which at times surprises us. The soft bread which i can at times smell from my neighbors kitchen reminds me of the hurried school time when my mother used to make them before she rushed us for school. The smell instantly transforms me to my school going years which are the golden years of our lives. Carefree lives, fun with friends and cousins except for the dreaded word 'examination'. Oh how i wish the word would have never existed, life would have been like a free fall. Fun, exciting, adventurous. No nail biting stressful times. Peace would have been another family member. Lol!

My love for coffee isn't very old so haven't developed many memories but with times to come, i am sure i will have a story to share as well. It will be partially incorrect if i say that i don't a story about coffee. I remember my first visit to the coffee giant Starbucks. Standing in the queue i was trying hard to go through the board and decide what i would like to order but even before i could make up my mind it was my turn to order. I was almost stammering with my choices and asked the guys help. The confident guy confused me to a certain extent and i was still left with too many choices. Poor people who were already standing for their turn were almost fuming. After lot of choices and disagreements i finally ordered. Please do not ask me what i ordered. The after shock was terrible. The tall coffee was too hard to gulp down. I was almost in tears with my poor choice. The accompaniments of cookies and shortbread somehow saved me to take a few sips. I am sure the guy who took my order was surprised by my unusual order. His smile was enough to get the signal. After an abhorrent cup of coffee i almost swore never to have another coffee until a friend of mine helped me. She is blessed with a fine taste of coffee and wine and her tips have helped me and indeed i have come a long way since then.

As i said we all have some story or a memory attached with something in our day to day lives. A smell, a sudden gush of air is enough to take us down the memory lane. In our mad busy lives we dont have the time to sit and look back. By the way i am done with my coffee for the day. Anyone still sipping? If so enjoy!!!

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