Sunday, June 10, 2012


There is absolute no denying the fact that women on any calendar day love to go for shopping unless something invincibly stops them. Over the few years when i have started to sense or appreciate fashion i have been loyal to few brands which i simply swear by. Now the term 'brand' doesn't mean high end fashion wear. We all have our favorites, perhaps there are some people who listen to our desires and knows that their clothes certainly gives us a psychological amelioration. There is absolutely no wrong to to constantly experiment with our looks until and unless we look incongruous.

Today was one such day when i decided to ditch my favorites for the day and try something deviating. Upon a suggestion by some friend i along with my family went to visit the mall. The inviting ambiance, the chromatic decor almost gravitated me towards those stores. I was happy to ruffle my fingers across the hangers which were holding plethora of clothes. I almost fell in love with  all the pieces that were there in the store. Phew, the major blow came to me when my eyes caught the prices. No, they were not expensive but overtly expensive for me. A lady standing next to me offered help with the choice of clothes which i thought i politely refused. Another middle aged lady who seemed to be in a hurry picked up a few ensembles whose prices she didn't even bother to check and rushed through the counter. My dream shop broke my dream.

I found some solace sipping my favorite shake and occupying a commodious sofa right in front of the store. Sipping it my heart asked my mind perhaps a thousand questions. Did my failure to buy make me sad or angry or irritated or jealous of the people who were happily buying them? Well, my mind is mature enough to handle my plummeting heart. Why does the desire of getting more increases with every single day? My mind reminded me of a small word which i had forgotten when i was going through those upheaval of emotions: contentment. Where did i lose it?

Contentment is the greatest asset. When our proclivity to get increases we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. My shopping experience was an insinuation of the fact that contentment was going out from my mind. Being content with what we have gives us the greatest strength in times of distress. Nobody has everything in life but we all have our present, so why ruin it envying somebody else s wardrobe (kidding)? I may not have the best dresses but satisfaction is my dress and my smile is my makeup. No matter how gullible i may sound this incident has taught me to be loyal to my loyal s who keep me beautiful and smiling (chuckles).

Life is too short to ruminate over such petty things but nevertheless lessons learnt should never be forgotten. It certainly isn't a sign of good student! Hey, my shake is over. Time for some refill....

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