Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rain and soup

The weather has been some what cruel to us for the past few days. Sun has perhaps been redirected somewhere else. Its been raining or wearing the gloomy look. My poor baby is deprived of any walk or stroll and the occasional sights of the cars passing by is his only gateway to the outer world.

My recent vacation was over due for sometime  & now i seem to miss it. Even though with a baby a packing for a picnic seems arduous task, yet vacation sounds very alluring. I remember on my last trip all i had in my bag was diapers and baby foods which gave me some hard time explaining to the airport security people. Even though baby stuff was the main occupant of space in my bag yet i was on the safer side this time. Good times, good weather, loads of pictures which were mainly wearing a tired look, yet we all love to get clicked. I know you are agreeing and smiling.

Good times last, i guess, shorter. We are back to the grind of life, its problems and worries. Just like the weather, the nature of problem changes. It all depends on our outlook to the problems. But our tenacity to handle our problems differs. They say smile through your problem, it will be easier to handle or cope. Well, if smiling was the only answer, everybody on earth would have done that and the rest would have been taken care of. Alas, its a man made world, with man made problems to which only man has the solutions. Our inclination towards spirituality will certainly help in making a clear decision for the betterment of all. Again, its man made choice!

Before i start cursing the weather again, let me check my pantry. I hope to make some soup which my family will enjoy. Together lets share some warmth, some kind, loving words even if its over just one bowl of humble soup.....

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