Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer time....

Okay, so the weather is 'better' now...The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there is a soft breeze blowing and yes, what am i doing? I am dancing (giggles)! With almost going on an verge of hibernation, the sun has finally come to our rescue making us believe that even though we almost skipped the spring this year, summers still remain.

Summer instantly brings to our mind--- yes, yes, yes 'ice cream'. Ice cream, after coffee, is perhaps is the most enjoyed loved thing across the globe. I know my comparison between coffee and ice cream may seem a bit mismated but both are equally enjoyed in different weathers. Coffee is a compulsion for many where as ice cream is an indulgence...Going out on a walks on a summer evening with the wind blowing across  your face and hair reminds me of 'only' thing. I want an ice cream. The only thing i am not very fussy about ice cream is flavor. All goes well with me except the loads of sugar which pass down my esophagus. The sugar content even though never cripples my craving, yet makes me feel guilty though. What who cares? Summer comes once in a year. I know you will agree with me with a dash of smile.

What else makes summer exciting? Yes, picnics and family outings. The skirts and the shorts which sit idle on one side of the wardrobe suddenly find themselves busy. The slippers, the hats, the picnic bags all get brushed up and geared up for some action. The air conditioners which remain covered start doing their duty or double duty.

I am wondering now, are the summers so exciting or i am getting too excited? I know people will complain about heat and the other ailments associated with the heat such as heat stroke and sun burns. The sweat, the drowsiness all add to the list.

I wish everyone a happy summers. May you enjoy the best of weather, ice cream, ripe juicy mangoes, the cool breeze, the skirts and sarongs and yes good health. Stay happy and radiate smile like the sun shine...

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