Friday, May 10, 2013

Busy Busy.....

Mind is full of queries, thoughts and feelings. How to vent them out, no idea. Whom to share with? Perhaps nobody! Who will pacify my inquisitions? Ahh my conscience, who else....Why? Thats because in mad rush of mundane works we are all busy. Yes, the only thing which each one of politely say to excuse ourselves is busy. Running for jobs, rushing for office or meetings, running on the treadmill, running after the baby(s) and we keep running for or from everything.

Funny, isn't it? As the nice breezy warm day settles after a luscious dinner, i sit to vent my pent up thoughts. The week has been 'busy'. Yeah, you read it correct, 'busy' is the word i used diffidently. The weekend has already started with absolutely no concrete plans. Over the last week, i have called so many of my long lost friends who were too busy to take my call or return my call. I am waiting for their apologetic mails or messages that will be flowing over the weekend only if they find time from their 'busy' schedules.

To appease my mind from these ameliorating excuses, i have thought of updating my status as 'busy' so that i can also be a part of this bandwagon without being accused of unresponsive. Lol! what an idea. Friends, please let me know how do you find my idea, just by any chance you go through these lines. I know you people are also 'busy' to read a ludicrous piece like this.

As the summer is here, i will be also 'busy' planning my days ahead. How to escape the heat, how to enjoy the summer and how to keep my cool with the temperatures soaring. Oh yes, my penchant for ice creams is also on the list. I have to check out the latest parlors to try out all the exciting new flavors. The extra scoops, the chocolate drizzle on the top, the crunchy bites all add to my excitement of standing in the line and ordering my favorite ice cream.

So friends, please do not get too 'busy' to enjoy the season. Its the season of mangoes, ice creams, vacations, shakes, sorbets and loads of family time. Enjoy to the hilt!