Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seasons Greetings

Yes, so have reached to the year end. Many of us have planned a nice vacation or planning to spend it with our loved ones. The lights adorned houses, the drizzling snow, the aromatic cake flavors gripping the houses all adds to the festive touch. Most of us who battle hard with sweat for most part of the year look forward to this change of nature.

A few years ago i met one of my school friends who jokingly said she loves winters because she can dive into her wine glasses in this season. She loves wine and the season just gives her a boost to indulge in her choices. Ask me its that time of the year to gratify me taste buds with soup varieties and my favored noodles.  Soups are such a comfort food for me. Lots of vegetables with a dash of cream or lemon juice instantly gives me that kick which perhaps a can of beer might do for a person who is freezing.

As for this festive season unfolds, everyday seems to be like a fresh spring day. May be its due to the happiness we feel inside we find everything colorful and lively. I am not good at baking so do not use my aesthetic skills at this domain. So i heavily rely on the mixes which saves the hassle of ratio and proportions.

This year was a remarkable one in terms of family bonding. Lots of visits and unwinding which was much desired in this mad-go-rush life. I am not a social butterfly but good at bonding with people and being a good host (winks). Some comfort food, some cushions strewn all over, some good movies or music and it sets the good vibes for a good lazy conversations. There is no dearth of troubles or pains or anecdotes to share, sometimes it ends on a sad note or some words of wisdom. Its mostly the kids who end these parties since their energies change to fatigue. The formula fed diaper baby who refuse to sleep when they realise there are extra lights on sometimes stretch for hours together whining and making the mom feel terrible.

But all parties end on a promise that we will meet often so that our children socialize and bond more. But yawns, these never happen. We get trapped in our world and priorities. Lets all hope the coming year brings a lot of prosperity in each one of our lives. may we be blessed with health and happiness and spend lot of quality time with our loved ones.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014...............

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