Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Missed it....

The weather these days is really in a delirious state...The snow, the sleet, the snow drizzled boots which adds extra moisture to the floor when we reach home after a day spent outside. Even though a cup of hot chocolate with or without marshmallow do provide some comfort to those cold hands, yet the thought of stepping out for grocery drives me insane. While i carefully brush the fur of my coat and keep it in the closet for my next use my cousins in the warmer part of the globe are all busy preparing for one of my cousins wedding. Yes, i am going green with jealousy and they are blushing with happiness. They keep sending me pictures of the rituals that are going on while i sit back and bite my manicured nails. The chipped off nails keep me reminding that i am missing one hell of a celebrations.

Various commitments holds me back to attend the wedding while i am virtually present there every moment. The rituals pre wedding, the wedding, the reception and galore of love, laughter and of course good food. Well, not to mention my cousins who keep checking their clothes, jewelry and make up only to confirm with the people around them if everything is fine. It should be tacitly understood that they want some compliments (laughs...they will kill me if they get a chance to read these).

The flower laden house with the air smelling heavily of air fresheners, the busy people rushing to make the last minute preparations, the women folk discussing about the preparations and grandeur, the men discussing about politics and weather and of course the youth community busy giggling over some drinks and fast food. The older community sits and reminisces about their golden days when marriages were a simpler affair where the rituals were given more importance than grandeur. They don't seem to stop there. The express their concern and good wishes to the prospective groom and brides family since they believe that these days more marriages topple than taking place. They are perturbed that their respective daughter-in-laws focus less on the grandchildren than on their carriers. While they enjoy their time with their grand children, yet their ironical tone clearly states their displeasure over the lack of time the parents spend on their children.

Lets move on to the food court. The aromatic inviting food court is the star attraction of any marriage. From sizzling starters, to an array of entrees to luscious desserts every dish is savored by people. The seasonal fruits and vegetables all add to the taste of the dishes.While i am going weak on my knees thinking about what i am missing, especially when i think i have to cook. Sitting thousands of miles away from the wedding venue and my eyes getting a bit moist thinking about my loved ones, all i wish and pray for lots of happiness, good health and prosperous life for the newly weds. God bless us all....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lovely Lovely....

While we still continue to battle cold and snow, my parents on the other side of the globe are almost in the process of cleaning and packing their woolens. They feel their wardrobes are weighed down upon by the cardigans and  coats which were almost obnoxious this year. My dad jokes over the contrast of weathers at different places. True, as much as we rave about comfort food, my parents are craving for some good winters which would give them satisfaction and the comfort about wearing those woolens. An evening tea session was always looked forward in our house. After office my dad would prefer tae with family and of course the accompaniments. The tea was the priority but as kids we would look at the tray which my mother would bring out at last. The most desired was the much awaited. Growing up in a warm climate soup was never a hit with our family until the geographical differences has changed our tastes now. Fries were always expected even though my mother ensured about our wellbeing, hence it was mostly on weekends. I remember my mother would often grumble about the most difficult decision of planning the menu everyday but once it was out of the kitchen, it was served with utmost love and warmth. Her smile, her loving hands and dollops of love on the food she served all added the joy of eating together. Everyday was a 'thanksgiving' for us. Still today i cannot stop thanking about those moments which i cling to my heart. Its because of those lovely anecdotes a curvaceous smile embraces my lips and my heart leaps with joy at the train of those memories.

While fiddling with my fork and noodles i am trying to decipher about the amount of love it needs to hold a family together. Love is the only binding factor which keeps all the relations in the family going and moving. Love in relationship, love in daily lives, love in food and most importantly the deep love in fight and emerge stronger in relationships. I am still a novice when it comes to cooking and baking but i can certainly try to imbibe my mothers quality of spreading the love and warmth in my family. I must have certainly inherited it (chuckles)

Food comes close to love. So with my dwindling interesting in my bowl of noodles i am going to dig deep in my refrigerator to gorge on something else. But yes i will certainly rustle something for my family and of course with LOVE....It's never late to fall in love with everything around you...Stay blessed!!!!