Tuesday, April 22, 2014


As the waves hits the rock and the water splashes across my face, my thoughts take a small break while driving across my tumultuous mind. Yes, never realized how with time everything wraps up even though we think they would continue for eternity. Everything yes, everything. Some relationship with time just get stronger while the stronger ones get fragile and eventually whine off.

Perhaps i do not have the correct words to describe certain aspects of life. We devote our time, our trust and believe with every fibre in our body that these people will always be there for us. But a certain windy day changes the direction of the wind. Those certain people get too much involved with life and commitments leaving you wondering about the changes.

The splashing water continues to drench my pajamas while i try to fold them. I placed a pebble on my slippers so that the mighty waves do not carry them away just like the changing times took away a lot of things from me. With time, my postal address changed, age changed my looks, the salon girl changed my hairstyle, new place changed my dressing style, imbalances in the body changed my food habits, commitments towards my life has mellowed me down. Am i the one i knew? Perhaps not! Then why blame certain people for changing. Ha ha ha no answer.

My packet of groundnuts along with my soft drinks are over. I sipped but only the ice remains. Sigh! As i look for a trash bin to dispose them, i realized the clock hands have also changed. It's been long that i have solitarily occupied that rock spot meant for couples as well.

Before you start cursing me for such a low post let me confess, it was a dream last night which left a sort of hangover for the entire day. Now sipping my lemonade and putting my dreams into words i can safely focus on the other productive jobs which can stop such dreams. But most importantly never stop dreaming my friends. Dreams are like cushion which helps you to realise many things of life. Enjoy it...

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