Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just like that....

My early morning joy manifolded today morning on seeing my neighbors daughter dancing on a pile of snow. The little kid waiting for her school bus on an early snow morning. Dancing with joy with her boots digging deep into the snow while still holding her mothers hand, the little girl cared very little about the passer by most of them smiled at her actions. The restless mother kept on murmuring to her daughter, 'have patience, the bus should be here soon'. The word 'patience' is an obese word in itself, i would say. It carries a lot weight all the time especially when do not have the time to bear it.

As my day moved through the train stations, regular commuters were waiting for their respective trains. The moment trains halted at the station people pressed hard to get inside. The ear phones plugged into the ears, detached from the world while still connected through the exact ways they want. People staring at the ceilings and the passing outside, people constantly looking at their watches, clasping their fists. Some music  are a bit loud which penetrates through the ear phones to give us clear idea about the persons taste in music.

My journey doesn't end there. While i switch trains, i discover more and more about the mad rush. Rushing for work, school, college, meetings, interviews, presentation and the rush continues. While i somehow manage to make to my destination in a rush, i am lucky to have my work done in a day. The wait was a bit tiring but it ended fruitfully...While i am running a bit behind time else would have shared in details about my itinerary. Till then have fun, take care and enjoy every single moment of life....

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