Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Jamai Shosti

'Jamai Shosti', a homely but an important occasion for  all the son-in-laws of Bengal. Bengali's have a special designated day for their son-in-laws who get pampered on this day. Mother-in-laws wait for this special day of the Bengali calendar to treat their son-in-laws with best possible hospitality and food.

Legend says that the women folk used to worship Goddess Shosti for the welfare of their children. Over the years, the celebration of 'Jamai Shosti' has attained more popularity. On this day women folk wake up early, bathe and worship the Goddess for the prosperity and bliss of their children. It is also commonly believed that the son-in-laws are given special attention for the marital bliss of one's daughter. Every parents on this world want to see their daughters happy and leading a prosperous life.

On this day when the daughter of the house arrives with her husband they are welcomed by mother. The mother-in-law applies a small dot of curd on the forehead and ties a thread on the wrist of their son-in-law. Then he is given six different types of fruits and blessed with a type of grass which is known as 'durba' in Bengali and 'dhan' (paddy seeds). The ritual is accompanied with ' ulu dhani' (sound made by tongues) and sometimes conch shells as well. Gifts are exchanged between mother-in-laws and son-in-laws.

The biggest part of any Bengali celebration are their elaborate spread. A detailed menu is prepared for the son-in-laws ranging from different types of fries to fish curry to meat items and of course the sweet dish. Fish and sweets are integral part of Bengali's and no occasion can be complete without these two items. A flash back. Before the advent of electricity mother-in-laws used to fan when their son-in-laws would sit for lunch. The hand fan which is still popular in Bengal used to be part of this festival.

Festivals are meant for fun and gatherings. But the most important message the festivals carry is our love for them and how much we value our relations. In this smart age when human beings are heavily dependent on smart products to get smarter, these festivals are a gentle reminder that spare some time for these occasions. No apps are still made which can give you the contentment to be a part of these festivals. The love, the attention and most importantly the bonding are only to be felt and downloaded in heart.
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On a lighter note, if you heavily want to participate in a Bengali festival or occasion just ensure your digestive system is in a good condition. Bengali's love food and will never settle with a two course meal. Their meal will be long and elongated with special emphasis of non vegetarian dishes. By the way spare some space for some sweets as well. The dessert section can almost be a full course menu. So just forget about the harsh words like calories and burning them. Just gorge on them and enjoy. Cheers!!!!

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