Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A gloomy day

It hasn't been a good way to start the day. The morning started with some depressing news of one of my classmates who called it quits to life.The weather was giving company to my mood as it is a dull boring and at times a rainy day. Brooding over a cup of coffee and wondering what could have possibly went wrong in my friends life, my mother calls up to inform me that one of my cousins met with an accident and is injured. Even though the accident wasn't life taking yet it was enough to perturb my mind. As an allegory to the fact that my mind was submerged in all negativity i overlooked my bread which i had put in the toaster for breakfast. They had burnt beyond recognition perhaps gently reminding me that i am still an amateur in the kitchen.

The day rolls and my mind and brain both travels back to fun filled school days. Limited gadgets, limited source of living and unlimited fun. The nexus we developed as students with each other still grips my mind. But then the question starts rolling, why do everything change? Have we changed, or our circumstances have changed or time has changed everything around us? Where does happiness live? In money, in education, in our mannerisms, in our way of living or in our contentment....It's a general maxim that compromises and sacrifices help to make life easier but what about those souls who try these but failure hits them so hard that they end their lives. What is that force or that tide that erases all the love of their loved ones only to push them to death? Is it any tide or some emotion/s or any adjective of which i am certainly unaware of...They start feeling their life is redundant.

School days are the best time of any child's life. My memories are colorful that i can dream my entire life of my school and school buddies. But certainly you can have an opinion and a different story to share. It's that that part of our life which should be enjoyed, dreamt, laughed, played only to be cherished for the rest of our lives. With due course of time we grow and develop according to our skill set and talents. But sometimes we tend to be rebellious and do not accept what life has destined for us. We fractiously try to carve our own path, but in that process we meet lot of repudiations. Its almost like going uphill and losing balance and treading downhill.

Some things in life are destined my friends, please do not try to change. It takes extreme courage to change them and needs applause if successful, but if at any point of time you face dejections, please do not take any extreme step. It leaves many loved ones hurt and wondering as to why such a wonderful life had to end so soon. May you find peace and the angels shower their endless love on you.

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