Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Season of sharing

Its the season of giving and forgiving. Giving unconditional love while the world is bleeding, comforting the souls who have lost their loved ones, giving a hand to the ones who have fallen preys against the dogmas of society. Forgiving, well thats something which doesn't come easily no matter which season of year or life it is. It is almost an art which needs constant honing and practice, but certainly not impossible.

Its lights, candles and festive season where the cakes look rich bathed in scrumptious flavors, lights adorn the barren trees, wine and soup provide the extra comfort, and a tight hug mellows down the thickest bitterness. Winters are always special to me even though adding layers are not always fun. There is a lot of unrest all over the world, yet above all we need to find one single reason everyday to keep our spirits and march towards the journey of life. Hope keeps us moving and faith keeps us united with the positive spirits.

A little girl whom i met today at the railway station was pestering her dad to buy her the soft toy and candy which another kid held in her hand. She insisted that she wants a similar toy as a Christmas present, to which her misty eyed father says 'Dear, perhaps Santa will get for us!' Smilingly i thought, this perhaps hope. Giving hope isn't always easy, but it certainly has a lasting effect on the person's mind.

In this season of happiness lets try to spread the cheer, share the cake, ease the pain and make a genuine effort to try to bring a smile on at least on one persons face. I am sure the season of joy will be twofold. Enjoy the season and spread the cheer! Goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Durga Puja

Its a sun crisped day. The weather on this part of the globe is  a bit sharp here. The bright sun may surprise you anytime with a mild shower or a cloudy overcast sky, leaving you wondering about the tentativeness of the weather. I went for a walk, carrying my lightweight jacket. Before stepping out its a sort of norm here, to check the weather report if there are any chances of rain, but of course like any other man made device this too can be a part of technical inaccuracy. I reluctantly carry my umbrella, but change my mind once i step out of the elevator and further the front door.

My grocery is low, so needs a quick refill to sustain the remaining weekdays. No fancy dishes, but i need adequate amount of veggies and fruits till the weekend ushers in. A quick look around and i see the trees have almost shed their leaves and preparing for themselves for the cruel winters. The leaves have beautifully changed their colors into warm orange and yellow and the crispy sun rays adds a zing to the color. It is that time of the year when my hometown is gearing up the grandest festival 'Durga Puja'. While i walk the pavement to reach the grocery store, my mind quickly travels to my hometown which these days is soaked in the festive season to welcome the goddess. Ah, nostalgic! A sweet baby girl quickly breaks into a smile reminding me of my days in my hometown, the pure bliss of enjoying those festive days. Tons of memories!

I reached my grocery store but somehow my list of my purchases changed. I am looking for the ingredients to make an offering to the goddess. Can i make those heavenly delicious dishes that are still served on those festive days? I may not but i can surely try. My plumps with joy when my eyes sieve through the shelves and can locate a few of them. I call my mother and ask her to share one or dishes which require minimal cooking yet are loaded with happiness. I grab those and walk to my home. I do not know if i can replicate those dishes even by an inch, but my heart has already started beating fast. I miss the festive season, but let me try to make my table a bit more colorful, add a bit of joy, a dash of warmth and fill my mind and heart with memories, for a few years later, these memories and writings will bring so much joy and comfort to me. Happy Durgoutsav to all who are celebrating in any part of the globe. May the goddess of empowerment destroy the evil in us and bring joy and peace in each one of our lives.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer time

Summers are here with a bang. Flowers are in full bloom , the tress are wearing their best green outfit. Markets are flooded with luscious mangoes, sweet and sour litchi, jackfruit and the best watermelons. Its the shakes, juices, mock tails, sorbet and of course ice cream time. Kids wearing their swim wear are splashing the waters while the mercury is rising. The skate boards are running smoothly without tumbling over those ice blocks. All in all a happy picture.

Deep down the heart, my heart has carefully preserved so many childhood summer memories. Those memories always add warmth to my heart and add a spark to my eyes. Most of us will agree that childhood memories are simply the best, but not all of us fortunate to enjoy our childhood. Childhood is a free pass to enjoy the best of life. Love, friendship, pranks, soaking in the festivities of life. Life, free from the shackles of promises and compromises; life, where we not into the debt of happiness. Its a simple life of happiness when we do not understand the deeper meaning, only to realize it a few years later.

Children who are bonded by labor, forced into unwanted circumstances are robbed off their childhood. For them childhood is just an age, which they feel trapped into. They want to break that age shackle and step into the 'adult' world which is far more complex and insensitive. Insensitive, towards what they went through and insensitive to their needs. Some children in some part of the world craving for two morsels while some rubbing their soles of their shoes to make it to the school. The torn bags which can no longer hold the burden of books are tied by a thread or by a safety pin to keep things together. Blessed are those children who can still go to school.

Indeed childhood is the most precious part of our life cycle. As i jostle my pots and pans to make something for my lunch, i come near the window to grab my phone. The world outside is running and rushing, making me wonder am i walking too slow or have i stagnated? Well, its an open ended question to myself while i leave a picture for you to ponder. Hello, i took this picture myself and NOT a borrowed one :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Subho Noboborsho 2015

Subho Noboborsho again people. Even though there is not much to describe in details about the festival as i have discussed in one of my earlier posts, but i can certainly wish people in the occasion. A new year of promises, and wishing each other prosperity and good health. Good health is so important especially with the mounting insurance rates and the luscious genetically modified foods that we consume everyday. Jokes apart food is so important part of our daily life and festivals means gorging on them.

Om Ganeshay a namah. Yes, Noboborsho festival begins with the prayers for Lord Ganesh for a blissful year ahead. Seeking blessings from the elders and if lucky get a pair of new clothes, though not mandatory. Lunch is usually a grand affair in most of the households though there are some who do not even get a morsel on that day. Its a fact where some tables are ladened with spread some of them just dream of a meal that day. In fact we need more reality checks than reality shows these days. I know my thoughts cannot change or end world hunger or poverty but sparing a thought and sharing a bit of our happiness with the less fortunate ones can surely make this world a better place.

Well, well, well coming to Noboborsho back again, i am yet to decide the menu. The fridge is well stocked with vegetables and meat but deciding the menu is always an uphill task to me. Good wishes to you all and may you enjoy every bit of your life with smile and good health.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

My Roy Uncle

The balmy spring; the soothing winds, the sun kissed weather, the bright colored flowers, the chirping birds and yes, the arrival of leaves on the trees. Enough to celebrate i guess. Sitting thousands of miles away from home, all i wish is the presence of all my loved ones. Loved ones, some of whom have left the earth and are perhaps enjoying spring in their paradise and some who are rapidly growing old. How i wish to hug them and stop them from growing old! Ha ha, you can call me an emotional fool though. Leaves comes on trees and sheds, and with time we all march towards our common destination.

The world is full of wonderful people and i have seriously been fortunate to meet a few of them. They have made or left some long lasting effect on my mind and heart. Their words, their life stories are exemplary especially to me. let me share the life story of Roy Uncle. Sekhar Chandra Roy whom we have always known as Roy Uncle ever since we know him have always been a fatherly figure to me and my brother. A man of great value and thinking. Never to give in to the false or malicious practices of life. A noble soul and deeply religious who never had food without offering to the Almighty. Full of fun and love for life he used to bring warmth and happiness wherever we went. As kids we used to amazed at his energy level to work hard and simultaneously enjoy every bit of his life. Roy Uncle lived the same town where we lived and had a small business. Even though small, he used to earn a decent amount to send it to his wife and son who lived in the village with his mother. His mother who wasn't fond of city life refused to come and live with them. His father left him a few years after his son was born. So his wife who used to teach in a local school used to live in the village with his mother and son. Every month Roy Uncle used to come to the Post office to send some money home. The post office was near our home and so he used to pay us a visit while on his way back home. My father and Roy Uncle used to good friends. I am not very sure how they met but whatever little i know they once met at a local bus stop. The bus was late and soon they started chatting. The bus was late by a couple of hours but they did not realize because they were in deep discussion. After this conversation they perhaps promised to be in touch which they still continue. Back then there was no phone or internet, so most of the time Roy Uncle would visit us or my father used to visit him at his work area. Even though Roy Uncle was frequent visitor at our place we don't have too many memories of his wife or son visiting us. His son was a year older to me and every year he would invite us to visit his village to celebrate his sons birthday. Back those communication wasn't good enough so we never went to their village but we used them  when they used to come to town to visit any fairs or festivals.Life continued smoothly for few years and our parents always used to hold Roy Uncle with great respect.

One summer vacation we went to our relatives house with our mother. We returned a week later. The next day my mother enquired my father if Roy Uncle visited or not to which my father looked surprised and said that its more than a month that he didn't visit us. My promised to enquire about him on his way back from office. I remember it was a rainy evening. The rain was getting heavy with every passing hour and me and my brother were trying to play even though we were fighting more. My mother was anxiously waiting for my father even though she knew he was getting late due to the heavy down pour. My father came home almost two late than his usual time. He was drenched and so was his lunch bag. He took off his shoes and put his clothes for drying. My mother offered him tea and some snacks. The conversation mainly centered around the rain even though my father spoke very little. Even though we took little notice of this fact my mother could read his face perhaps. The dinner time approached and my father hardly spoke. My mother grew restless and asked him to which my father didn't give her a convincing reply. My mother persuaded him a bit more to which he was completely silent. My mother grew more impatient. Gradually he revealed that he went to Roy Uncle work place. What he told was unbelievable. Roy Uncle's family, his mother, wife and his son were traveling to a nearby village to  attend a marriage ceremony when their car turned upside down and fell into a nearby river. By the time somebody could hear them in the night and pull them out, all three passed away. I will never forget the expression on my mothers face. She was in tears and kept coaxing my father to verify the news. To which my father said it was his employees who confirmed. Roy Uncle went to his village only to fathom his loss which was of course beyond our thinking. My thoughts wet numb. My mother skipped dinner that night and everybody retired to bed that night with Roy Uncle's thought.

A month later Roy Uncle came to our house on a Sunday morning. We were both surprised and happy to see him but were confused as to how to greet him. But he continued to talk just the way he was used to. After a few minutes my mother started to discuss about what happened in his life. Roy Uncle broke down narrating how his life completely changed after that day. My father tried to console him. Roy Uncle spoke to my parents for hours that day.

Its been more than two decades that Roy Uncles family left him. But he never gave up living his life. He worked more than usual to grow his business. With time everything changes but his values, thoughts haven't.  These days he doesn't visit our house frequently and he stays in the loving company of his employees who treat him as their father. I haven't seen him in the last few years but fondly remember him quite often. How i wish those days to come when he used to visit us and tell us inspiring stories of  Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. I miss you Roy Uncle and see you sometime soon. Till then stay happy and healthy....

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time woes

I miss you so much...Its because of you i am here, because of you we all are here. Its you who controls who comes and goes, who rises and falls, who wakes and who sleeps. Constantly changing is your hallmark but sometimes i find it hard to keep up with you. At times you change so rapidly that i cannot decipher when it all happened and sometimes i forget to breathe. I owe a lot of things to you in my life but a lot needs to be done. Can i trust you? Will you help me or you just favor the handful? Are you same for everyone or you wear masks for different sets of people. I wish to cling you, hug you and tell you that i miss you. But you left so easily and are still on run. You are so demanding that no powerful force of nature can stop you. We all run to match you but you are always ahead of everything. We try to cling you in our photo frames, share those stories which we missed at that very point. Perhaps we did not or do not realize that you are always in hurry.

Dear 'time', nobody has ever been able to tame you. You are the master of your own will and for the nature. At times you rush in so many happiness in people's lives that we are overwhelmed whereas you change so soon. The happy moments soon becomes a treasure of memories adding warmth especially on a cold winter night. My childhood is a story to my nephew and nieces who giggle when i tell them how skilfully i could climb the guava tree who used to be in our front yard. The wide green fields where we used to play for hours, are homes of people whom i barely know. They give me a strange look whenever i visit and try to recollect how we all used to play for hours together. Surely, u changed a lot. The kids of my neighborhood have all grown in to adolescents who hardly know me. They laugh when i tell them how for hours we used to pester our parents for single stick of ice cream from the vendor, who used to visit the our playground regularly, while kids these days go to ice cream parlor. Why are you so cruel time? You force us to change our address, then change the circumstances around us, force us to think and work more and miss you all the time. The school building has changed, a few of teachers have passed away, yet the school corridors speaks volumes of stories it has seen over  a few decades.Change is good only if it works for us. Not all the changes brought by time are enjoyed by us. Some of them are so hard hitting that it completely changes us. Now don't ask me if its for good or bad. We all have our experiences with changes. A lot of my friends have lost their parents or parent, now how good that can be. The closest people to us in this world leave and change our way of looking at the world completely.

There are no clock manufacturing companies in this world who can come up with a watch to stop you or slow you down. We don't know your speed or velocity at which you move, but the universe says that in times of grief you seem to slow down in a persons life. I know its incorrect. You have given me tons of good memories but please allow me to keep my memories safe. Please don't change them. They are like a soft pillow which let me sleep every night. As snow flakes hits my window i smile and look up to the sky for i know that if winter is here, can spring be far behind?