Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time woes

I miss you so much...Its because of you i am here, because of you we all are here. Its you who controls who comes and goes, who rises and falls, who wakes and who sleeps. Constantly changing is your hallmark but sometimes i find it hard to keep up with you. At times you change so rapidly that i cannot decipher when it all happened and sometimes i forget to breathe. I owe a lot of things to you in my life but a lot needs to be done. Can i trust you? Will you help me or you just favor the handful? Are you same for everyone or you wear masks for different sets of people. I wish to cling you, hug you and tell you that i miss you. But you left so easily and are still on run. You are so demanding that no powerful force of nature can stop you. We all run to match you but you are always ahead of everything. We try to cling you in our photo frames, share those stories which we missed at that very point. Perhaps we did not or do not realize that you are always in hurry.

Dear 'time', nobody has ever been able to tame you. You are the master of your own will and for the nature. At times you rush in so many happiness in people's lives that we are overwhelmed whereas you change so soon. The happy moments soon becomes a treasure of memories adding warmth especially on a cold winter night. My childhood is a story to my nephew and nieces who giggle when i tell them how skilfully i could climb the guava tree who used to be in our front yard. The wide green fields where we used to play for hours, are homes of people whom i barely know. They give me a strange look whenever i visit and try to recollect how we all used to play for hours together. Surely, u changed a lot. The kids of my neighborhood have all grown in to adolescents who hardly know me. They laugh when i tell them how for hours we used to pester our parents for single stick of ice cream from the vendor, who used to visit the our playground regularly, while kids these days go to ice cream parlor. Why are you so cruel time? You force us to change our address, then change the circumstances around us, force us to think and work more and miss you all the time. The school building has changed, a few of teachers have passed away, yet the school corridors speaks volumes of stories it has seen over  a few decades.Change is good only if it works for us. Not all the changes brought by time are enjoyed by us. Some of them are so hard hitting that it completely changes us. Now don't ask me if its for good or bad. We all have our experiences with changes. A lot of my friends have lost their parents or parent, now how good that can be. The closest people to us in this world leave and change our way of looking at the world completely.

There are no clock manufacturing companies in this world who can come up with a watch to stop you or slow you down. We don't know your speed or velocity at which you move, but the universe says that in times of grief you seem to slow down in a persons life. I know its incorrect. You have given me tons of good memories but please allow me to keep my memories safe. Please don't change them. They are like a soft pillow which let me sleep every night. As snow flakes hits my window i smile and look up to the sky for i know that if winter is here, can spring be far behind?

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