Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Season of sharing

Its the season of giving and forgiving. Giving unconditional love while the world is bleeding, comforting the souls who have lost their loved ones, giving a hand to the ones who have fallen preys against the dogmas of society. Forgiving, well thats something which doesn't come easily no matter which season of year or life it is. It is almost an art which needs constant honing and practice, but certainly not impossible.

Its lights, candles and festive season where the cakes look rich bathed in scrumptious flavors, lights adorn the barren trees, wine and soup provide the extra comfort, and a tight hug mellows down the thickest bitterness. Winters are always special to me even though adding layers are not always fun. There is a lot of unrest all over the world, yet above all we need to find one single reason everyday to keep our spirits and march towards the journey of life. Hope keeps us moving and faith keeps us united with the positive spirits.

A little girl whom i met today at the railway station was pestering her dad to buy her the soft toy and candy which another kid held in her hand. She insisted that she wants a similar toy as a Christmas present, to which her misty eyed father says 'Dear, perhaps Santa will get for us!' Smilingly i thought, this perhaps hope. Giving hope isn't always easy, but it certainly has a lasting effect on the person's mind.

In this season of happiness lets try to spread the cheer, share the cake, ease the pain and make a genuine effort to try to bring a smile on at least on one persons face. I am sure the season of joy will be twofold. Enjoy the season and spread the cheer! Goodbye 2015 and welcome 2016

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