Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome 2016

The New Year has long back rolled in and the third month of the year is about to end. Lots of changes have taken place in this happening place called world where we live. If we break down further our address, it will be planet-earth-continent-country-state-town-community-street to finally house number. In that small or big houses we live making our own world; a world of varied levels of emotions.

For the last three months, even i have been in my own world where i have been through a roller coster of emotions. My world appeared so confusing that stepping out and facing the 'real world' seemed a task. Everything seemed to be a metaphor trying to explain me some inherent underlying meaning which i couldn't decipher. The winters added more to the confusion and laziness. With the leaves visibly invisible, the world seemed to be lifeless until the spring stepped in to restore my faith in nature. The migratory birds are slowly flying in, early morning they chirpily wake us up. The local store is currently carrying the medley of fresh color of flowers. All in all giving us hint that spring has silently stepped in. The heavy weight jackets have taken their back seats and oh boy, what a joy!

I also seem to have come out of my shell. The last few months have been quite tough from the emotional front. It has taught me so many lessons on patience and the importance of trust and i have been an equally a patient student. While my learning still continues everyday, i am yet to master any lesson. But my yearning and my appetite to learn wont sop. It will perhaps help me to grow like those spring blooms kept at the store which i watch everyday while on my way. They silently make me smile and set a milestone for me that i have to keep moving without stagnating if have to bloom like them. My life should somehow spread lingering fragrance in the lives of the people i know and meet.

Life hasn't always been kind to me and i am not complaining either. Its almost like walking on tight rope where every moment there is chance of faltering but its worth taking risk, without which there would be no fun. But yes, learning doesn't stop!