Thursday, September 15, 2016

Back from Hiatus

Its been five months of sabbatical and i am going through roller coaster in my life. While trying to pick up broken pieces and join them for better functioning if not smooth, i have learnt so many valuable lessons which only time or life could teach me. Oh yes, no complaints only lessons. Lessons of lifetime which which no search engine or text books can provide. Its so funny when in school we could skip a chapter thinking that it is tough for us or during exams skip a question thinking there are other questions which could fetch us equal marks. Certainly not in the text book of life. It makes sure we go through all the chapters and some chapters are so tethering yet those lessons are never forgotten. Simple, profound and everlasting lessons learnt.

In tiring times we all look for optimism. Its something which gets us going. In my dark days i was rummaging all across the internet trying to read any blog posted on optimism. I read many articles where people take up everyday challenge to be happy, to find one reason to be happy everyday. Happiness in anything and everything. From fresh grocery of fruits and vegetables to the changing weather, every small change  was mentioned in their posts which made them smile through their rough days. Now that i have managed to push my problems  and enjoy the sun before winter steps in, i am also toying with the idea of 'happy me' series. A series where i try to jot down my happy moment of the day. A small try to be happy even when the sun refuses to shine. To smile, to cheer and remind me and my family that being happy is infectious. Lets get affected and spread it. Cheers to the weekend........

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