Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Happy Day 2

Good morning peeps. On a bright sunny day which is continuing to uplift my spirits and smiles, i start my day. Morning rolls into day amidst work and running. There's is a sudden knock at my door. I hurriedly go and open my door. My sweet neighbor drops to in say a quick hello while on her back to her home after dropping her kid to school. I apologize to her for the morning mess at my home. Being a mom too she laughed it off. I offer her some tea and snacks which she politely refuses.

I could see a nicely packed box in her box. Out of curiosity i asked her if she had been to the grocery store this morning. She gently smiles, nods and asks me sit next to her. There was a shine in her eyes this morning which was clearly visible. As she handed the box to me, she somehow coyly shared the news that they were expecting their second child. Oh, what a joy! I hugged her tight and couldn't hold myself. This is such a splendid piece of news. News of a joyous arrival soon. The feeling of giving birth is so phenomenal, only a person who has walked this path can understand. Moments of anxiousness, suspense pains and tribulations before receiving the lifetime gift is so nerve wracking.

We kept chatting for sometime before heading to our respective works. I promised to be her regular visitor to enquire about her health. She left but she left behind a huge wave of happiness in my today which is making tides of and on. The feeling is so happy and positive. I wish the vibes remain long after. Stay happy my friend!

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