Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Day 3

Its a dark, cloudy and a rainy day. When i woke up in the morning for a minute i was confused if i woke up a tad early or i am still sleepy. I turned on the light to see check the time. My alarm usually doesn't betray me but today somehow i must have ignored its call. I was on time. There were dark clouds all over. I tried to finish my work turning on all lights. Within an hour the rains started  to pour. The clouds began to roar, lightening increased. For a moment i felt, i should stop everything and tuck into my bed and enjoy some blissful sleep. But darn, the clock never stops. In the mornings i feel it accelerates itself to give me quite a run.

The rain wasn't in a mood to stop. It was pouring. The coffee machine beeped asking to be poured into the cup. I tried to sip slowly hoping to slow down against the strong rain. I was slower, i didn't rush myself. The trees tried to be brave, but it was too windy.

The rains lasted for close to 45 mins. I rushed to leave. There was chaos on the streets as well. Long crawling traffic. It's a going to be long day. My sunshine moment of the day was when school going kid stopped at the traffic with his parents to board the school bus. He looked towards me waved and smiled. Oh wow, what a cute kid! His smile almost made me forget that its a messy rainy day. Keep smiling my little friend !

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