Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Day 5

The weekend starts on a cloudy note once again. I sleepily wake up to my dutiful alarm. The tiredness from yesterday is yet to wear out. I get a message from one of my cousins that one of close Uncles isn't really doing well. This makes me a tad sad. Living thousand of miles away from close friends and relatives i cannot rush and meet him. Suddenly my mind is flooded with childhood thoughts. How we used to be pampered by him from time to time. Time has created so much distance that it cannot be covered in a jiffy. My morning coffee somehow didn't taste good today. May be my mixed emotions got mixed with the coffee.

Life is so strange. We always dwell in our past or future. When we were young we thought that growing up is the gateway to all freedom and act as per our  accordance. With time it turned out to be myth. Freedom gave separation with memories being the sole link. Memories are so comforting. I am perhaps making the same mistake, thinking about my past. I cannot bring the times that i spent with my Uncle, but i can certainly pray for his health. May he live a healthy life. I wish i can go and meet him at the earliest.

It's Friday once again and i will try catch up with loads of pending work. But in between i will not forget to be happy and find happiness in every act of mine. Every act is momentary but creates memories, so why make bad ones. With a note that everyone finds their happiness, lets enjoy the weekend and meet once again on Monday. Cheers!!!!

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