Monday, September 26, 2016

Happy Day 6

Happy week starts again. Hi there, hope you all had a relaxing weekend. It may not have been exciting but i hope you all were to ease off some stress and prepare for the next week. Stress is almost indissoluble part of our lives these days. It's almost entwined in our minds that we need a vacation to make a discontinuity for a few days.

My weekend wasn't stressful but frenetic for sure. My wardrobe looked like a war zone with all the piled up clothes which needed segregation for washing or sorting. With the weather changing haltingly, i am confused with my choice of clothes. The mornings are balmy with the day pushing to warm and to return to windy evenings. Along with my messed up wardrobe, my kitchen needed a wash. I dare not say about my bath tub for it needs a scrubbing too. So this weekend my focus was on these two spheres. Lot of work means lot of food and what better way than takeouts. I satiated my cravings this weekend. Dishes which are painstakingly difficult to make and time consuming never see the day the daylight in my kitchen. They are like some distant dreams to me. I got a chance to order and dig into them.

The weekend was mostly about food and cleaning. Cleaning not only refreshes the house but also gives a feeling of atonement. I feel more stimulated to face another week with more fervency and handle days with a smile so that I can keep adding more and more Happy Days in my life....

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