Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happy Day 8

It's again a windswept day. Tough winds are almost sweeping away the leaves from the trees. Stepping out from home with a pullover is brawny. The season of fall. Speaking of fall season, it's not just the fall season outside. Fall can can be inside the homes as well. On a lighter note, i had a small fall just this morning in my room. As i swiftly woke up to my alarm thinking i am late i tumbled and had a 'fall'. Ouch!!!

My first fall of the season. But thankfully no injuries. My sleep dissolved almost immediately. Smilingly i woke up, brushed and convinced myself that the world is still in it place even it did try to shake me. I went ahead to make my fall special coffee. Sipping my coffee i tried to make my plan for the day. My car needed a wash, grocery was low. I ignored my groceries this weekend. My laundry needs to be folded. Goodness too much for a day. With the winds blowing strongly outside i somehow started feeling lazy.

I succumbed to my laziness and decided to skip going outside. Instead i folded my clothes, made a nice warm soup for myself, took a nice shower and read my favorite book. I was lucky to chat with a friend of mine with whom i hadn't spoken in quite a while. I was checking my emails when my friend propitiously was online and we chatted for sometime. Living on different time zones took some toll and we promised to touch base again soon.

My soup and breadsticks sailed me thorough today. I am sanguine that i will refill my pantry tomorrow. A relaxing day was indeed a 'Happy Day' for me today....

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